Top 10 Reasons to Love Parallels Plesk Panel 10 Published: Nov 02, 2010
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1. Now includes Partner Storefront

Parallels Partner Storefront is now built into Plesk Panel and allows service provider partners to quickly and easily monetize small business customers by selling commercial applications in a revenue-share model with Parallels. The Storefront is easy to activate and centralizes client ordering, billing and subscriptions. This is a wonderful addition to the new version.

2. Service Plans Replace Templates

Parallels Plesk Panel now offers predetermined resources and services in the form of Service Plans. These service plans offer basic hosting offerings and Add-Ons can be purchased for additional offerings.

3. Multidomain hosting with Subscriptions

This replaces the previous “Plesk Domains” and means you have a hosting unit able to run multiple sites including domains and sub-domains. Customers are able to have multi Subscriptions for added options.

4. Awesome Sitebuilder Included

Parallels has built this new Sitebuilder version from scratch and it is a great addition to their Plesk Panel 10. It includes 60 pre-built templates that feature themes appropriate for all types of small businesses or personal interests.

5. Simplified Customer Interfaces & Improved Admin Panel

The Control Panel has been elegantly redesigned to best suit the customers needs. Parallels have also added the ability for auxiliary users to access the Control Panel at the same time. The Administration Panel, used by Admin and resellers this panel has been streamlined to focus on Server and Account operations. They have done a great job to increase performance and make it easier to use.

6. Upgrades Just Got Better

Version 10 has a host of new upgrades to make recovery from upgrade failure smoother. These upgrades include:
    • Better protection against source environment inconsistencies, with the ability to resolve conflicts on the fly.
    • Database rollback when problems occur.
    • Templates that let you specify whether Parallels Virtuozzo Containers will upgrade automatically or not.
    • A post-upgrade account transition assistant.
    • Forward-compatible lease license keys, so you’ll never have to replace them when you upgrade.
    • Ability to assign licenses you issue in Key Administrator to IP addresses and have them delivered automatically to your servers.
    • Support for native packaging systems, with optional automatically updating system components for CentOS and RHEL.

7. PCI Compliant Panel and Billing System

This means peace of mind that you can launch e-commerce applications and know they will pass any PCI compliance scan. This feature part of Plesk Panel 10 and the Customer & Billing Manger.

8. Updated Billing and Customer Management

If you have clients in Europe this new update is exciting because the DSS-compliant billing system is now capable to generate European tax and invoices. This is a huge time saver and means that managing your customers from plan creation to billing is centralized in one place.

9. Improved Security

To improve password security you will be assigned random default passwords, this means server protection from hackers and less hassle due to broken passwords. Parallels has also improved the overall security and performance, in their own words,  “FastCGI lets you isolate sites in a shared hosting environment and limit the resources available to each user, resulting in increased uptime for your customers, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reduced churn. When you use Plesk Panel 10 with Cloud Linux, you also get SecureLVE jail shell support, enabling you to isolate data as well..”

10. Server Health Monitor

You will never worry about your servers again because this feature makes health monitoring so easy. You can configure the automatic notifications to your own thresholds.

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