Disclaimer Published: Feb 10, 2004
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Legal disclaimer


Our goal is to help you choose the best webhosting on the Internet today. Please note that WebHostGear.com is not a webhosting provider and that we advertise and review selected webhosting providers for advertising and informational purposes only.

We shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions contained on our website and reserve the right to make changes to the website at any time without notice. Some product or company names and devices, logos, icons, graphics or designs referred to on the site are the property of their owners and are exhibited only in such a manner as is intended to be of benefit to their owner. We intend no infringement of these proprietary rights. Much of the information posted on this site is provided by the sites listed. Although WebHostGear.com has no reason to doubt that the information is correct, it has not made any effort to confirm the content and is not responsible for any inaccuracies. We make no representations or warranties of any kind as to (a) the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links, or other items contained at this website; (b) the merchantability, fitness for use, title and/or non-infringement of any or all of the products or promotions offered by third parties; or (c) computer viruses, bugs, errors or defects in any software or services provided by ourselves or third parties which cause any damage to your computing device or other personal property. Webhosting providers listed on our website are likely to change their promotions and terms on a regular basis. We recommend you to always check the current terms on the webhosting provider's website before signing up for their services.

All content provided on this site is copyrighted and any use, without express written consent, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws.

WebHostGear.com tries to provide complete, accurate, and current information. If you should observe any incomplete or inaccurate information, we would greatly appreciate being notified. We can be reached via e-mail at: partners (a) webhostgear.com


WebHostGear.com respects your privacy. Any information collected at this website will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed. Any information you give to WebHostGear.com will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.

Resale or disclosure of information to third parties

WebHostGear.com does not sell, rent, trade, loan, or lease any personal information collected at our site, including membership forms or e-mail lists.

Browser information collected on the Web site

WebHostGear.com analyzes the website logs to improve the value of the materials available on our site. Our website logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals who actually browse the site.


We currently have ads served by in-house programs, which follows these privacy guidelines http://www.openx.org/privacy, http://www.silverstripe.org/privacy-policy

Use of cookies

WebHostGear.com uses cookies on its website, mostly in order to track traffic coming from other websites and leaving to other websites. We do not use the cookies to attempt to link them with individuals to make any information personally identifiable.

Use of Pixels

WebHostGear.com shares web site usage information about visitors to our web site, who have received a targeted promotional campaign, with a reputable third-party advertising company for the purpose of targeting future campaigns and upgrading visitor information used in reporting statistics. For this purpose, we and our third-party advertising company note some of the pages you visit on our web site through the use of pixel tags (also called clear gifs). For more information about our third-party advertising company, please click here.

Pop-up advertising

It is also our policy to keep WebHostGear.com as simple and easy to use as possible, and we do not accept pop-up advertising or any other form of interference on our site. It is important to note, however, that WebHostGear.com cannot guarantee the security policies of websites linked to our site. Because of this, we cannot claim responsibility for the content of websites other than our own.

Updates and changes

WebHostGear.com reserves the right to amend and replace this Policy at any time. We suggest that you regularly check our website for updates.
Please e-mail: partners (a) webhostgear.com with questions or comments.


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