PRIMUS Telecommunications Named to the Fortune 1000 Published: Mar 31, 2004
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Well I just got back from my brothers wedding in Maui. We had a blast, what a beautiful place to get hitched! Now that I’m tanned and relaxed I’ll mention some upcoming things on WHG ;)

If you haven’t already I suggest checking out our antivirus.exim
tutorial at Many people overlook
this little gem but it’s definately something you should consider
getting use to tinkering with.

I’m interested in knowing what kind of other things you’d like to see on
the site. More tutorials, interviews, reviews? Are you guys/gals after
something in particular then drop me a line

I’ve also been working on my own custom rulesets for antivirus.exim and
mod_security which are real nice and blocking a lot of new attacks out

Hope everyone had a great week, I’ll keep you posted!


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  • Gravatar - nikhil walia
    nikhil walia 08:59, March 31, 2005
    i believe that this company is the best , and will be on the top of this world , keep it up!<br />

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