Completes Type II SAS-70 Certification Published: Mar 14, 2011
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In September, Superb Internet announced the completion of an SAS-70 Type II audit and certification. Certification in the SAS-70 program shows that Superb Internet's security controls are up to the high standards necessary to handle confidential accounting data.


Hosting companies need to be exceptionally secure, as they often handle large amounts of sensitive information. Accounting information in particular can be susceptible to hacking attempts and mismanagement, which is why special controls need to be put in place. Some of these controls are mandated by legislation, especially the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and public or accounting institutions may be unable to use a managed hosting company without completion of an SAS-70 Type II Audit or a similarly stringent and widely accepted program.

To complete the audit, a managed hosting company must showcase an exceptional control environment with physical security protocols that prevent unauthorized access to data. They must show that only a certain number of people have access to customer data at a given time and that a record is kept of access. Data must also be protected from environmental threats.

The focus of an SAS-70 audit is on the controls that a company uses to prevent customer data issues, and in a Type II audit, those controls are actually tested through an on-site process. A Type II SAS-70 audit is much more extensive and involved than a Type I audit.

SAS-70 Type II certification can also be a very expensive process. It's common for certification audits to take several months to complete and qualifying companies may pay $10,000 or more.

By completing the SAS-70 audit, Superb Internet is in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and can take more clients whose customers require this type of certification. Accounting firms and public institutions, for instance, cannot use a managed hosting company that isn't certified, so completing a Type II audit is a major step for managed hosting companies.

With special discounts that offer up to 70% off hosting on select servers and a completed certification, Super Internet offers quality secure hosting services for its customers at a low price. The new security controls are in keeping with's reputation as a high quality managed hosting solution with a dedication to customer service and client data security.

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