Upload Guardian for cPanel and DirectAdmin now available Published: Jul 28, 2008
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Upload Guardian (http://www.serverprogress.com/upload_guardian.php) is now available for DirectAdmin and cPanel servers! We have new leased license options for your convenience. How can you afford not to have protection on your server?

Now available for DirectAdmin servers!

What does it do?
Upload Guardian automatically performs a virus like scan on any FTP or PHP based file uploads to stop malicious file uploads such as bots, shell scripts, or other hacker like files. It will also scan all user accounts for malicious files on a schedule providing detailed logging and email reports.

Why do I need it?
Simple answer - peace of mind and extra protection.

Being a server administrator myself, I see websites and servers hacked a lot. The #1 reason they get hacked or a website gets modified? A insecure upload script or a compromised FTP account password. While Upload Guardian will not stop people from guessing your FTP password or magically fix a PHP hole, it will stop attackers from uploading shell scripts, bots and other nasties and notify the system administrator before any damage can be done!

You will also sleep better at night knowing you have automated protection plus you will have scheduled scans of ALL user files in every account knowing there isn’t a shell script mixed in someones pictures or a mass mail program sitting around!

Purchase Upload Guardian

New Leased Monthly License
$19.95/mo per server leased license including updates and installation

New Leased Yearly License
$99.95/year per server leased license including updates and installation

Owned Lifetime License
$200 per server lifetime license including updates and installation

Have more than 1 server? Get bulk discounts listed on our website!

For complete details and to order go to our website:
http://www.uploadguardian.com or http://www.serverprogress.com/upload_guardian.php

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