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  • Open Source a Little Too Open

    31-03-2006Comments: (0)

    There are so many great things that make open source wonderful. Far to many to list here but there are some things that I think shouldn’t be open source. Whenever you rely on a shopping cart that’s... Read More

  • Modernbill No Advanced Search

    30-03-2006Comments: (0)

    I’m really suprised to see products such as Modernbill who do not improve their current software by adding something as simple as an advanced search tool.... Read More

  • Reliable Replaced with Cheap?

    29-04-2006Comments: (0)

    I’m not sure why the majority of hosting providers today are focusing on the discount bargin basement hosting services for $.99 and $5 a month plans. The Internet is becoming more and more of a business t... Read More

  • Hosting Blog Launches

    28-03-2006Comments: (0)

    Well I’m happy to announce the new WebHostGear blog.... Read More

  • Server Attacks get technical

    04-07-2006Comments: (0)

    I’ve been seeing some new breads of server attacks lately. These are much harder ones to spot.... Read More

  • New mod_security ruleset for comment spammers

    16-06-2006Comments: (0)

    I’m getting really annoyed by all the comment spam for webhostgear and other sites on this server lately. If you notice anything that comes up as a 406 error please report it to me. ... Read More

  • Server Issues Today

    06-06-2006Comments: (0)

    There were some problems with Apache early this morning (1am) that I didn’t catch until about 6am today.... Read More

  • Fun in the sun

    29-05-2006Comments: (0)

    Well I just got back from my brothers wedding in Maui. We had a blast, what a beautiful place to get hitched! Now that I’m tanned and relaxed I’ll mention some upcoming things on WHG ;)... Read More

  • New Tools and Guides

    25-04-2006Comments: (0)

    Well I’m excited to keep digging into the depths of email. Since all the support problems today are related to email I think it doesn’t hurt anyone to go the extra mile and learn as much as they ca... Read More

  • Where have all the good people gone?

    20-04-2006Comments: (0)

    I’m so tired of people with no morals and no respect for others and their business. What’s happening to everyone today? Everywhere I go I see stressed people, road rage, computer madness, yelling p... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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