Site Updates and News Published: Oct 30, 2006
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I’ve updated the site today, fixing a few small things. Mainly the reason was due to a huge amount of comment spam that we’ve been receiving. Check this out:

Total Unapproved Comments: 1,177

That’s a lot of comment spam! I was getting really sick of all the junk links and stuff I had to sort through so I broke down and added a custom Captcha part to comments which should stop a large majority of spam bots.

Mod Security Ruleset Update
To those who are using my mod_security ruleset I’ve released another update. If you would like me to install this on your server please fill out the quote request section and I’d be happy to.

Few new articles are under the works as well which will be posted shortly. Also Nobody Check 1.03 will be released this week. I’ve decided to charge for this version since I have put a lot of work in it and the script is a life saver for your server.

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