New Life in Someones Old Garbage Published: Apr 07, 2006
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I took my dog Jax out for a walk tonight and on the way back I came across a Compaq DeskPro PC sitting beside the garbage bin.

I guess
whoever put it there must have thought it might be good enough to not
throw out. After putting my dog inside I returned and brought back with
new discovery to my apartment with a feeling of excitement! I quickly
took the cables out of the older system and hooked it up.

The system booted! It was a Pentium 3 500 Mhz, 320 MB ram, DVD-ROM with
a 10 gig drive, network card ready to go. It had Windows 98 on it but I
couldn’t get it to load in safe mode or anything else. I ripped out the
drive and mounted it in my external USB case and hooked it up to my
other system. After hooking it up I did a virus scan, the thing was a
breading ground for trojans and viruses with over 50 findings. I quickly
disconnected the drive and put it back into the system.

There’s only one thing to do with a finding like this. I whipped out my
CentOS 3.4 CDs and began installing it. The installation went great and
finished in about 20 minutes. I logged into console and began playing
with my new toy! I quickly got it setup on my network and logged into my
new box through my laptop. W00t nothings better than finding some
working free gear!



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