Do you need a Dedicated Server? Published: Jun 08, 2004
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This guide helps walk you through installing PHP on Windows 2003 Web Server Edition with easy step-by-step instructions, PHP and Windows can finally play nice.

Howto: Install PHP on Windows 2003 Web Edition

1) Download latest version of PHP from
2) Unzip contents to c:\php\
3) Copy all files from c:\php\dlls\ to c:\windows\system32\
4) Copy all files from c:\php\sapi\ to c:\windows\system32\
5) Copy c:\php\php.ini to c:\windows\php.ini

6) Open IIS, and add a "Web Service Extension"
7) Call the extension "PHP"
8) set the path as c:\windows\system32\php4isapi.dll
9) set the status to "allow"
10) Right click the "Web Sites" folder, and select properties
11) On the "Home Directory" tab, select "Configuration"
12) Click "Add", then browse to c:\windows\system32\php4isapi.dll, set the extension as .php, and deselect "Verify that the file exists".
13) Click Okay
14) Apply the setting to all sites.
15) Restart IIS

Congratulations, you now have a working PHP installation.

Thanks to: Sunmoon on Ev1 forums

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