Dedicated Hosting Articles

  • Do you need a Dedicated Server?

    08-06-2004Comments: (1)

    Perhaps you are wondering what dedicated servers are for, and whether you need one. Or perhaps you already know you need a dedicated server, but are stuck when it comes to choosing a host. Whichever way, here ar... Read More

  • Web hosting Benefits of a Dedicated Server

    24-07-2004Comments: (0)

    Hosting your web sites on your own dedicated server may seem a little expensive in comparison to shared web hosting, but the end result is more advantageous. Shared web hosting, no matter how well managed, canno... Read More

  • Second Hard Drive Means Life or Death

    15-01-2006Comments: (2)

    So you have a dedicated server, congratulations! You finally moved from a shared hosting account to your very own server with no one else, a great step for improvement but there’s one big thing many new a... Read More

  • Hosting Your Own Web Server: Things to Consider

    28-11-2006Comments: (5)

    Are you disgusted or disappointed with your current web host? Have you switched web hosting companies too many times? Have you thought of hosting your own website(s)? Do you have the ambition to control and mana... Read More

  • Naming Your Server - Dedicated Server Names

    26-03-2004Comments: (1)

    Now that you have your own servers you need to name them like any good admin would. Giving each server a name will help you and your clients communicate more effectively.... Read More

  • Hosting Your Own Web Server - The Follow-Up

    25-10-2011Comments: (0)

    While using a web hosting company can take a lot of the headache out of running your own website, you may be one of the many people who would prefer the control, security and configurability of hosting your own ... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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