TemplateMonster Battles Paypal Problems Published: Dec 04, 2003
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TemplateMonster, one of the largest online web design providers, is furious with Paypal online payment processor. They have decided to take legal action and leave Paypal for a new merchant provider.

TemplateMonster, one of the largest online web design providers, is furious with Paypal online payment processor. They have decided to take legal action and leave Paypal for a new merchant provider.

From TemplateMonster

"Templatemonster would like to bring to your attention some changes that will affect our work. We earnestly hope that you accept, understand and support us in this decision. The subject concerns our relationship with PayPal.

For more than 1.5 years, ArtVertex, Inc has used PayPal Inc. as a quality merchant system that we had recommended to others as a means of online payment.

Recently we noticed that we were not receiving the treatment that we would expect as a high volume merchant.

- Firstly, there were many instances of groundless suspended orders in which TM was discredited before our clients. That is first in order.
- There was an absolute absence of operational help in resolving technical problems.
- Repeated instances of restricted access to our account and denial of our rights to use our resources to pay our affiliates and partners.

Notwithstanding frequent requests for information regarding the reasons for this behavior, we were repeatedly ignored and stonewalled.

At the present time, PayPal even refuses to give us reasonable answers in our efforts to rectify the conditions connected to problems with our account. The Management Board of ArtVertex, Inc regards it as unacceptable to continue relations with PayPal because the general financial condition of the company and the financial relationship with our partners is threatened. We have determined that such a policy from the PayPal side violates any sense of "fair play", and is injurious to orderly business relations, and seems deliberately injurious to our relations with our clients.

In this connection, Templatemonster has made the reasonable determination that we do not recommend the use of this payment system to our partners for the reasons that it invites the possibility of retaliation from PayPal.

At the present time, TM is seeking legal recourse, charging them with unjustified and illegal seizure of our resources, preventing us from having access to the company's account, resulting in both direct and indirect losses. In connection with all of the above conditions, we, the Board of Directors of ArtVertex, Inc decided to refuse further services from PayPal, and to use other merchant systems, which, when compared with PayPal, are better able to treat our large sums and large volume of transactions of non-tangible products. This decision has the strategic aim of protecting the company's financial stability and to facilitate regular and recurring payments to our partners.

At the present time, Templatemonster is employing the practice of diversification of merchant system usage to protect and broaden our market segment and to permit payment in different currencies. It is well known that PayPal provides its services to clients in a limited number of countries.

Secondly, the benefits of using MoneyBookers include the possibility of transferring money directly to your bank account, acceptance of checks and WebMoney and the possibility to make direct wire transfers. These possibilities will provide you with the means to fulfill requirements of flexibility in the receipts of affiliate payments (support for payment from all countries in the world).

In addition, Templatemonster is planning to broaden the availability and quantity of payment methods (bank transfer, Western Union, E-Gold). As a gesture of dedicated support, we're going to release personal corporate debit cards, which will accumulate commissions earned by you. You will be able to use these cards in the majority of ATMs, and they will be released to high-volume affiliates at no cost.

Thanking you for your attention and understanding,

Business Development Team
www.templatemonster.com "
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  • Gravatar - nightfire
    nightfire 08:45, December 10, 2003
    When was this article written?

    What success did you have with your legal action?

    Thanks for a great article -- N.

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