Common SSH Commands - Linux Shell Commands Published: Apr 05, 2003
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Updated: May 23, 2011: Added some new commands for the linux shell.

We've put together some of the more frequently used linux shell commands, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their description and how to use it. This guide will continue to be updated and should not be considered a complete list of linux shell commands, but commands, we found, often used. If you would like to add to this guide, please email us and let us know. We know that these themselves are bash commands and not actually SSH commands but it is what most Linux newbies are looking for when searching for 'SSH commands'.

Common Linux Shell Commands
ls : list files/directories in a directory, comparable to dir in windows/dos.
ls -al : shows all files (including ones that start with a period), directories, and details attributes for each file.

cd : change directory ·· cd /usr/local/apache : go to /usr/local/apache/ directory
cd ~ : go to your home directory
cd - : go to the last directory you were in
cd .. : go up a directory cat : print file contents to the screen

cat filename.txt : cat the contents of filename.txt to your screen

chmod: changes file access permissions
The set of 3 go in this order from left to right:

0 = --- No permission
1 = --X Execute only
2 = -W- Write only
3 = -WX Write and execute
4 = R-- Read only
5 = R-X Read and execute
6 = RW- Read and write
7 = RWX Read, write and execute

chmod numberpermissions filename

chmod 000 : No one can access
chmod 644: Usually for HTML pages
chmod 755: Usually for CGI scripts

chown: changes file ownership permissions
The set of 2 go in this order from left to right:

chown root myfile.txt : Changes the owner of the file to root
chown root.root myfile.txt : Changes the owner and group of the file to root

tail : like cat, but only reads the end of the file
tail /var/log/messages : see the last 20 (by default) lines of /var/log/messages
tail -f /var/log/messages : watch the file continuously, while it's being updated
tail -200 /var/log/messages : print the last 200 lines of the file to the screen

more : like cat, but opens the file one screen at a time rather than all at once
more /etc/userdomains : browse through the userdomains file. hit Space to go to the next page, q to quit

pico : friendly, easy to use file editor
pico /home/burst/public_html/index.html : edit the index page for the user's website.

File Editing with VI commands
vi : another editor, tons of features, harder to use at first than pico
vi /home/burst/public_html/index.html : edit the index page for the user's website.
Whie in the vi program you can use the following useful commands, you will need to hit SHIFT + : to go into command mode

:q! : This force quits the file without saving and exits vi
:w : This writes the file to disk, saves it
:wq : This saves the file to disk and exists vi
:LINENUMBER : EG :25 : Takes you to line 25 within the file
:$ : Takes you to the last line of the file
:0 : Takes you to the first line of the file

grep : looks for patterns in files
grep root /etc/passwd : shows all matches of root in /etc/passwd
grep -v root /etc/passwd : shows all lines that do not match root

ln : create's "links" between files and directories
ln -s /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf /etc/httpd.conf : Now you can edit /etc/httpd.conf rather than the original. changes will affect the orginal, however you can delete the link and it will not delete the original.

last : shows who logged in and when
last -20 : shows only the last 20 logins
last -20 -a : shows last 20 logins, with the hostname in the last field

w : shows who is currently logged in and where they are logged in from.
who : This also shows who is on the server in an shell.

netstat : shows all current network connections.
netstat -an : shows all connections to the server, the source and destination ips and ports.
netstat -rn : shows routing table for all ips bound to the server.

top : shows live system processes in a nice table, memory information, uptime and other useful info. This is excellent for managing your system processes, resources and ensure everything is working fine and your server isn't bogged down.
top then type Shift + M to sort by memory usage or Shift + P to sort by CPU usage

ps: ps is short for process status, which is similar to the top command. It's used to show currently running processes and their PID.
A process ID is a unique number that identifies a process, with that you can kill or terminate a running program on your server (see kill command).
ps U username : shows processes for a certain user
ps aux : shows all system processes
ps aux --forest : shows all system processes like the above but organizes in a hierarchy that's very useful!

touch : create an empty file
touch /home/burst/public_html/404.html : create an empty file called 404.html in the directory /home/burst/public_html/

file : attempts to guess what type of file a file is by looking at it's content.
file * : prints out a list of all files/directories in a directory

du : shows disk usage.
du -sh : shows a summary, in human-readble form, of total disk space used in the current directory, including subdirectories.
du -sh * : same thing, but for each file and directory. helpful when finding large files taking up space.

wc : word count
wc -l filename.txt : tells how many lines are in filename.txt

cp : copy a file
cp filename filename.backup : copies filename to filename.backup
cp -a /home/burst/new_design/* /home/burst/public_html/ : copies all files, retaining permissions form one directory to another.
cp -av * ../newdir : Copies all files and directories recurrsively in the current directory INTO newdir

mv : Move a file command
mv oldfilename newfilename : Move a file or directory from oldfilename to newfilename

rm : delete a file
rm filename.txt : deletes filename.txt, will more than likely ask if you really want to delete it
rm -f filename.txt : deletes filename.txt, will not ask for confirmation before deleting.
rm -rf tmp/ : recursively deletes the directory tmp, and all files in it, including subdirectories. BE VERY CAREFULL WITH THIS COMMAND!!!

: Creating and Extracting .tar.gz and .tar files
tar -zxvf file.tar.gz : Extracts the file
tar -xvf file.tar : Extracts the file
tar -cf archive.tar contents/ : Takes everything from contents/ and puts it into archive.tar
gzip -d filename.gz : Decompress the file, extract it

ZIP Files: Extracting .zip files shell command

Firewall - iptables commands
iptables -I INPUT -s IPADDRESSHERE -j DROP : This command stops any connections from the IP address
iptables -L : List all rules in iptables
iptables -F : Flushes all iptables rules (clears the firewall)
iptables --save : Saves the currenty ruleset in memory to disk
service iptables restart : Restarts iptables

Apache Shell Commands
httpd -v : Outputs the build date and version of the Apache server.
httpd -l : Lists compiled in Apache modules
httpd status : Only works if mod_status is enabled and shows a page of active connections
service httpd restart : Restarted Apache web server

MySQL Shell Commands
mysqladmin processlist : Shows active mysql connections and queries
mysqladmin drop databasenamehere : Drops/deletes the selected database
mysqladmin create databasenamehere : Creates a mysql database

Restore MySQL Database Shell Command
mysql -u username -p password databasename < databasefile.sql : Restores a MySQL database from databasefile.sql

Backup MySQL Database Shell Command
mysqldump -u username -p password databasename > databasefile.sql : Backup MySQL database to databasefile.sql

kill: terminate a system process
kill -9 PID EG: kill -9 431
kill PID
EG: kill 10550
Use top or ps ux to get system PIDs (Process IDs)


10550 pts/3 0:01 /bin/csh
10574 pts/4 0:02 /bin/csh
10590 pts/4 0:09 APP

Each line represents one process, with a process being loosely defined as a running instance of a program. The column headed PID (process ID) shows the assigned process numbers of the processes. The heading COMMAND shows the location of the executed process.

Putting commands together
Often you will find you need to use different commands on the same line. Here are some examples. Note that the | character is called a pipe, it takes date from one program and pipes it to another.
> means create a new file, overwriting any content already there.
>> means tp append data to a file, creating a newone if it doesn not already exist.
< send input from a file back into a command.

grep User /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf |more
This will dump all lines that match User from the httpd.conf, then print the results to your screen one page at a time.

last -a > /root/lastlogins.tmp
This will print all the current login history to a file called lastlogins.tmp in /root/

tail -10000 /var/log/exim_mainlog |grep |more
This will grab the last 10,000 lines from /var/log/exim_mainlog, find all occurances of (the period represents 'anything',
-- comment it out with a so it will be interpretted literally), then send it to your screen page by page.

netstat -an |grep :80 |wc -l
Show how many active connections there are to apache (httpd runs on port 80)

mysqladmin processlist |wc -l
Show how many current open connections there are to mysql

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  • Gravatar - chris
    chris 15:02, November 15, 2003
    Re: vi

    you should include how to stop/quit and alos kill "vi" via the command line as this happens more than it should and if left running it will use most srv CPU recources.

  • Gravatar - Jia
    Jia 19:31, January 9, 2004
    If I have to type in several commands repeatedly, is there a button I can press to automatically have them typed on the command line instead of having to repeatedly type the same thing over and over again?
  • Gravatar - Dhiraj
    Dhiraj 11:44, January 29, 2004
    yes Jai

    Pressing the upper arrow key will scroll through all the previously typed commands.

    Hope this helps.
  • Gravatar - Boris
    Boris 11:40, February 11, 2004
    Excellent for n00bs...
  • Gravatar - tt
    tt 14:18, August 16, 2004
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    c.jayanthi 15:51, September 9, 2004
    it is very usefull for beginners.if you put all these information with example , it will be very nice.
  • Gravatar - mafiaboy
    mafiaboy 10:56, October 2, 2004
    move: move or rename file
  • Gravatar - mateen
    mateen 05:48, October 3, 2004
    Dear Sir my name is Mateen so i am from afghanistan so now a days i installed linux server so I face tothe problem concerning the ACL in Linux 9.0 server if you help me and in Access control if you help me in this regard I will be appreciate you .<br />
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  • Gravatar - Andrius
    Andrius 19:02, November 27, 2004
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    What is the command to know what files are in use by particular user.<br />
    <br />
    I ask this coz I want to know what files do belong to me in my server (I am not an admin)<br />
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    And I would like to know how much hdd space all my files take..
  • Gravatar - floating carcass
    floating carcass 14:10, November 29, 2004
    hi,<br />
    I would like to know what ports are active/being used currently. Is there some way other than nmap...<br />
  • Gravatar - eddie
    eddie 21:18, January 6, 2005
    Andrius - simply type ll <br />
    <br />
    that's (LL)
  • Gravatar - kim
    kim 05:41, February 3, 2005
    what is the command to create a directory?<br />
    mk dir is not working for me...
  • Gravatar - frank
    frank 17:32, February 23, 2005
    Hi, what command can be used to recover the deleted files. Some times i accidentally issue a command in a certain directory, thinking that i am in another directory working on files that i don't like, only to realize when i have deleted all files that directort.<br />
    I would like to know it.....
  • Gravatar - Andy
    Andy 03:35, April 3, 2005
    Hi, I have a php script that optimizes/cleans my database and I was wondering what command I would use to run it automatically using a cron. I tried using cat but all that did was send me the source code to the file. (I use cpanel)
  • Gravatar - niXin
    niXin 08:17, April 14, 2005
    Hi - Im using FreeBSD, I have 6 colums of data in mail dir . I wanna check witch mailbox is the biggest eg: ls mailbox | sort -4 hope it's clear ...:) sorry if it's not
  • Gravatar - newbie
    newbie 15:05, May 7, 2005
    Floating carcass, are you using mk dir with a space between mk and dir? if so, it's just one string: mkdir<br />
  • Gravatar - Vijay Modi
    Vijay Modi 07:36, August 6, 2005
    Very Good Article
  • Gravatar - karunakar
    karunakar 11:02, August 11, 2005
    last -a > /root/lastlogins.tmp <br />
  • Gravatar - Computer Guru
    Computer Guru 12:17, August 11, 2005
    Great article for the n00bs, good job..<br />
    <br />
    Can't believe you forgot CHOWN and CHMOD!!!!!<br />
    <br />
    The most important commands for most people doing uploads and installing ready-made scripts... CHOWN sets the owner of a file, folder, directory, etc.<br />
    <br />
    CHMOD sets the permissions...<br />
    <br />
    To find out what CHMOD permissions you need go to and get CHMOD-Win, which tells you which CHMOD number gives you the settings you need in plain text...<br />
    <br />
    Other than that, cheers!
  • Gravatar - L. Young
    L. Young 02:13, August 19, 2005
    I'm a webhost, is SSH a easy system to use for hacking in our servers?<br />
    <br />
    also, is there any logs made of logins to SSH?<br />
    <br />
    can you email me with the answers, and if anyone wants to test security on our servers in return for hosting, etc?<br />
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    Cheers,<br />
  • Gravatar - darkangel
    darkangel 16:04, October 5, 2005
    I would like a ssh command that could show me the traffic on the server!!
  • Gravatar - Philip Snyder
    Philip Snyder 23:51, October 26, 2005
    This is kind of a more advanced problem, but one I'm sure everyone will run into at one point or another. I do web development on a linux box with apache serving from another box behind a firewall. I can ssh TO the server, but not vice-versa.<br />
    <br />
    On my server, my php code spits out debug messages and error messages to a couple different log files. I want to tail these log files on my dev machine so I can watch the output while I develop. If I were content with just using tail, I could do the following:<br />
    <br />
    ssh user@server tail -f logs/my.log<br />
    <br />
    However, I want to use multitail (which allows regex generated color highlighting, etc)... and multitail is only installed on my dev machine.<br />
    <br />
    I know this can be done, but its not particularly easy. Personally, I'm still working on it -- if anyone knows how, let me know. Otherwise, I'll figure it out and post it here. ;) I'm looking at ssh w/ pipes for the solution right now.. so here's how you make a pipe (think of it like a water pipe... the first drops of water in are the first drops of water out the other end -- hence the fifo part of mkfifo):<br />
    <br />
    % mkfifo my.pipe<br />
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  • Gravatar - Ben Faust
    Ben Faust 22:44, August 9, 2006
    The answer to the question of running a PHP script in a CRON:<br />
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    php /absolute/path/to/script.php
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    Karl 17:51, January 12, 2007
    Samne problem as Aram here... i can get into Vi (vim) and create the file but how do i save the file and exit without leaving the file in the swapfile. Do you have a list of te commands used in vim editor?<br />
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    I also had a hard time w/ the vi section. A quick google search lead me to this site:<br />
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    Should include wget too :)
  • Gravatar - badtz
    badtz 10:38, January 29, 2010
    These are not SSH commands they are CLI commands via SSH. Other than that locate and find would be 2 moer good basic commands to add, knowing how to use find can save lots of time and trouble for beginners until they get used to *nix file organization.
  • Gravatar - George
    George 14:35, April 20, 2010
    Hello guys ! Which one is the command where i can find out the ip of the shell ?
  • Gravatar - mgehling
    mgehling 02:20, April 29, 2010
    The IP to access shell should be the default ip. You will need to down a SSH client such as putty. You can find out the ip by asking your hosting provider for the ip address and finding out the port number. The default port number is 22.

  • Gravatar - Shiv Narayan Bharawa
    Shiv Narayan Bharawa 12:07, April 29, 2010
    very good. Easy and understandable

  • Gravatar - subi
    subi 08:46, June 11, 2010
  • Gravatar - Guzzy
    Guzzy 13:30, June 22, 2010
    What is the command to list all the users that are currently logged in more than once?
  • Gravatar - Tendollz
    Tendollz 05:41, July 6, 2010
    How can i upload a folder on a shell and how can i give full permission to a shell so that it will be writable, readable and executable.
  • Gravatar - Filter
    Filter 07:50, July 21, 2010
    dd bs=1M if=/dev/sda | gzip | ssh user@remote 'dd of=sda.gz' Backup harddisk to remote machine
  • Gravatar - Greg Kerstin
    Greg Kerstin 00:18, September 1, 2010
    How Do I split into parts. I would like 499 mb zip file parts from SSH command line
  • Gravatar - pi
    pi 22:02, September 2, 2010
    :( i came here looking for ssh commands not bash commands
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