WHG FTP Backup Published: Sep 16, 2004
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WHG FTP Backup is a free backup tool for Cpanel and Linux users alike. It has automatic scheduled backups and can transfer and entire directory to a remote FTP server.

WHG FTP Backup Script
WHG FTP Backup is a utility for Cpanel and Linux server owners to make a backup of Cpanels daily backup files to a remote FTP server for safe keeping. It can be scheduled to run how often you like via a Cron job.

Linux Cpanel Web Server with backup option enabled to second drive. 

Why Don't I use Cpanel's Built in FTP?
I made this script because I found the Cpanel backup script is flawed for Remote FTP backup - it checks the local servers backup directory for existing -- not the remote server.

Also with our backup script you can do both, remote and local backups. Plus you can schedule the local and remote backups at different times.
EG: Backup local daily
Backup remote FTP every 3 days.

The script is lightweight and very simple to setup!

Current Version: 1.0
Cost: Free - donations appreciated

Download the current release of WHG FTP Backup



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    David 11:55, May 23, 2010
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