Interview with Craig Smith of Vortech, Inc. Published: Jul 22, 2004
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I’m getting really annoyed by all the comment spam for webhostgear and other sites on this server lately. If you notice anything that comes up as a 406 error please report it to me.

The new rule set helps stop comment spammers by checking for http and various other things in a post and bad keywords like adult stuff, etc.

So far it’s already caught one in the first few minutes the rule set was installed. I’ll try to make a public mod_security rule set available to visitors shortly but I can’t give away the kitchen sink ya know :)

Would anyone be interested in a yearly subscription service where we supply a set of updated mod_security rules and other custom rule sets for their servers?

Email me and we can discuss.


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Comments (4)

  • Gravatar - Melissa
    Melissa 23:42, May 6, 2008
    We were customers of Vortech for 3 years. We gave them notice after we were billed one month that we didn't need them anymore. There was no problem, we just didn't need the service. It was basically a 29 day notice. They require a 30 day notice so they charged us for an additional month when we weren't even using the service. Fair? I guess since it is their policy. Good customer service? Absolutely NOT, 3 years as a customer and they had to slap us in the face when we left. Unacceptable!
  • Gravatar - Shuaa Safaris Limited
    Shuaa Safaris Limited 12:56, August 31, 2008
    Dear Craig Smith,<br />
    <br />
    could you please advise on the Processed on how we can apply for the website hosting with your company.<br />
    <br />
    hope hereing from you shortly.<br />
    <br />
    regards,<br />
    Ssozi Ashiraf<br />
  • Gravatar -  Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 05:34, July 1, 2009
    Very bad service alwas going down and my site was hacked twice. I have been a customer for years. I have now moved all my sites and they keep billing.. STAY AWAY!!!!

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