Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security Published: Nov 13, 2003
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I’m really suprised to see products such as Modernbill who do not improve their current software by adding something as simple as an advanced search tool.

Why can’t I search for a client by last name and email address? When you have a database of more than a few clients these kind of simple, functional tools are expected. Somehow this still was missed by Modernbill? Instead they’re focusing on V5 with multicurrency support to add more confusion and probably less functionality. Get back to basics people, add things we use daily please.

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  • Gravatar - Edward
    Edward 01:36, February 8, 2004
    Mask apache server & services version numbers!
    "Masked responce to server ident quries"

    Changes all your apache php etc version #'s to just "apache on Linux"

    ssh to your box

    su -

    vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

    #These are VI command use pico or whatever you like.

    # This searches for ServerSignature


    # Hitting i enters insert mode..


    edit ServerSignature on to ServerSignature off

    #Underneath add this line:

    ServerTokens ProductOnly

    # Hiting ESC exits "Insert" mode..


    # This command writes the file and quits


    # Restart Apache

    /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart

    Now your server ident and version #'s for apache and it's services should be masked!

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