Second Hard Drive Means Life or Death Published: Jan 15, 2006
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I’m not sure why the majority of hosting providers today are focusing on the discount bargin basement hosting services for $.99 and $5 a month plans. The Internet is becoming more and more of a business tool than ever before. If the hosting industry and the companies looking for an idea to stand out from the generic crowd I think more services should offer backup and failover type service

Why not have your website down on one server but have another system
have it up and running? Businesses today want redundant, reliable
hosting. What’s worse than their site being offline for a period of time
is the problem of having email go down. No business today can stand
having business offline for a mere 5 minutes. They need something
reliable that’s spam and virus free.

When I find out of a company that offers redundant servers for a single
hosting plan or site with redundant email services and failover systems
I’d be glad to share. So far I see making a nice jump
at the market, I applaud them for this. They’re still trying to keep the
service affordable yet offer an extra level of stability.

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Comments (2)

  • Gravatar - Deano
    Deano 16:10, January 29, 2006
    Thx for the article, I never really thought about this until I read your article.<br />
    <br />
    Currently Im looking for an alternative dedicated server host called 123-reg.<br />
    <br />
    Im having around 10gb bandwidth aday, so bandwidth and uptime is a major issue I have.<br />
    <br />
  • Gravatar - 08:16, August 7, 2006
    Great article! Having backups is crucial! However, second harddrive itself won't save you - make sure you have a copy of your backups at home or at work or somewhere else. Why? Because your serving hosting company can wipe them accidentally. It happened to me - they were performing OS reload on the first harddrive and destroyed my backups on my second harddrive even though I repeatedly asked them not to do it! True story... I'm glad I had backups at home!<br />
    <br />

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