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ResellersPanel has launched two Private DNS Cluster packages – Private DNS 1 and Private DNS 2, as a part of its Free Reseller Hosting Program. (, the well-known British web host, announces that it has launched two Private DNS Cluster packages – Private DNS 1 and Private DNS 2, as a part of its Free Reseller Hosting Program. Instead of ResellersPanel’s default DNS, the resellers can now use their own private DNS for the domains of their clients of the following kind: ns1/ & dns1/ – something, which will contribute to the uniqueness of their web hosting business and its brand awareness. All resellers’ clients, regardless of the server they are hosted on, can now use the resellers’ private DNS to resolve their domains, i.e. it won’t be necessary that each server has a dedicated DNS (private or predefined by ResellersPanel) even if the resellers’ clients are hosted on different servers. By using their own DNS, the resellers will be able to sustain their anonymity as well, since the contact information displayed in a Whois search is entirely under their control.

Each DNS cluster package comes with a free E-mail Cluster, giving resellers’ clients the possibility to use in their default POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail server settings, which too creates a remarkable brand popularity and recognition, since it would be much easier to remember a single line than having numerous server names. The difference between the two packages consists mainly in the additional dedicated IP address that comes with the Private DNS 2 package, which uses two entirely dedicated IPs for both name servers. The benefits of the second dedicated IP address are related to possible security issues that may arise if an unfriendly person tries to attack a given website or the name server itself causing an extended downtime or DDoS (distributed denial of service). Having two dedicated IPs will improve the security of the entire DNS cluster, making clients’ websites almost 100% protected.

Nick Blaskov, CFO of, said that since the Free Reseller Hosting Program was launched has received numerous requests from its resellers about the possibility to create their own private DNS that can be used by their clients in their domain name settings, that the Private DNS Cluster service gives the resellers a unique opportunity to use their own brand names and create brand awareness and recognition with just a few mouse clicks, that the DNS Cluster service develops the idea of the Private Label Reseller model to the fullest, and that by adding a Private DNS the resellers will complete the process of creating their own web hosting companies.

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