Domain Name Articles

  • Why You Need A Domain Name

    08-07-2004Comments: (1)

    On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique.... Read More

  • Information on Domain Names

    22-03-2005Comments: (1)

    Domain names are often confusing to web hosting customers. Trying to understand the difference between a parked domain, addon domain, url forwarding, sub domains and more can be frustrating so we explain domain ... Read More

  • Whois Harvesting - Are You A Target?

    25-04-2004Comments: (3)

    Companies have gone to a new low to drum up business by harvesting personal information on newly registered domains from the whois database. We were victims of these new unsolicited phone calls from Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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