Hosting Tutorials

  • Getting started with your Virtuozzo server

    17-03-2005Comments: (1)

    This Virtual Private Server (VPS) thing is a whole new concept to wrap your head around if you're used to working with other types of dedicated servers. Virtuozzo is able to split the servers resources to house ... Read More

  • How To Install CPANEL on your VPS

    16-03-2005Comments: (3)

    Lets start giving some use to all our VPS servers, lets install a trial or a final license of Cpanel.... Read More

  • Ban an IP Address From The Server

    17-03-2005Comments: (10)

    Have a user that keeps hammering your FTP or trying to login over and over and over again that you just want to ban and never see again? We'll show a quick and dirty method to ban an IP address from the server.... Read More

  • How to Set Up Your Hosting Companies Backend

    29-03-2005Comments: (13)

    Learn how to setup a hosting business from a behind the scenes look at what you need to consider before jumping ship such as billing, support, accounting and more.... Read More

  • Install Mod_Gzip with Apache

    25-05-2005Comments: (2)

    I recently needed to speed up the load time of one of my websites, while I didn't want to change the content itself I could change how fast it was delivered with mod_gzip. This tutorial features dynamic integrat... Read More

  • Install Ubuntu/Debian LAMP Server

    13-02-2008Comments: (5)

    Setup instructions for a Ubuntu/Debiain server, PHP, MySQL and all the good stuff to get your own server running.... Read More

  • mod_perl Install Guide

    02-10-2006Comments: (1)

    mod_perl Install Guide with step by step instructions making Perl run faster and better with Apache.... Read More

  • How to install Shoutcast

    18-01-2007Comments: (12)

    This guide will teach you how to install shoutcast server on Linux. Shoutcast lets you stream live music to listeners and start your own radio station on the web.... Read More

  • Subdomain to Separate IP

    28-10-2003Comments: (2)

    Learn to configure a subdomain to a separate IP address. Very useful for sites with shopping carts who want to look like it's on the same server.... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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