Hosting Tutorials

  • Howto mod_rewrite with Apache

    29-04-2004Comments: (24)

    Create search engine friendly URLs with Apache mod_rewrite which rewrites requested URLs on the fly. It supports an unlimited number of rules making it perfect for dynamic web sites.... Read More

  • lingerd - Setup and Installation

    20-05-2004Comments: (0)

    Under high load, a dynamic page server running Apache with mod_php spends a lot of its time doing an operation called "lingering close", which amounts to waiting a second or two on a connection just to make sure... Read More

  • Apache 2 Install and Upgrade Guide

    07-06-2004Comments: (5)

    This Apache tutorial will guide you through upgrading or installing Apache 2x web server which ads all kinds of great new features from Apache 1.3x and security enhancements.... Read More

  • Turck MMCache for PHP

    21-06-2004Comments: (2)

    Turck MMCache is a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP. It increases performance of PHP scripts by caching them in compiled state, so that the overhead of compi... Read More

  • How to SETUP SSL Apache MODSSL

    09-09-2004Comments: (2)

    Setup SSL Tutorial teaches you how to generate and setup a SSL certificate. Assuming you have apache and openssl installed, you would like to generate and setup an SSL certificate for a domain and generate a C... Read More

  • Installing Pico on FreeBSD

    22-07-2004Comments: (0)

    Pico is a simple, display-oriented text editor based on the Pine message system composer. A must have tool for every admin.... Read More

  • Customizing PHP Safe Mode

    26-08-2004Comments: (12)

    We'll guide you through using PHP safe_mode and how-to enable it and to customize it for certain sites on your server. If a client needs it turned off for just one site and you have it turned on for the entire s... Read More

  • Setting Up Zend Optimizer Tutorial

    02-10-2004Comments: (18)

    The Zend Optimizer is a free application that runs the files encoded by the Zend Encoder and Zend SafeGuard Suite, while enhancing the running speed of PHP applications.... Read More

  • HOW TO: Allow SMTP through port 26

    23-01-2005Comments: (13)

    With the ever growing popularity for Broad Band providers these days blocking SMTP connections on port 25 I have a quick and dirty way to allow your clients to still use your SMTP servers to send their mail.... Read More

  • Selecting a Merchant Account

    03-03-2005Comments: (1)

    Shopping for a merchant account is a confusing and difficult process. And, unfortunately, many merchants do themselves not a big favor by going shopping without first understanding what they are really shopping ... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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