Where have all the good people gone? Published: Apr 20, 2006
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I’m so tired of people with no morals and no respect for others and their business. What’s happening to everyone today? Everywhere I go I see stressed people, road rage, computer madness, yelling phone calls, rude employees and no respect for others.

Is this a sign of the times, are people just now short fuses with a gigantic bomb at the end, waiting to blow up on anyone for the slightest thing? I watched a show on TV last night where the recreated the 1800s settlers with log cabins, horses, no cars and a 10 mile hike to the nearest store. They were always busy working together, everyone put in their share. Sometimes I think the world is better off without computers, cars and the whole rat race of buy/spend.

Why is that that soon as someone gets a raise they increase their cost of living by getting a fancier appartment, newer car or go on a shopping spree to blow it? Doesn’t anyone today want to retire tomorrow instead of living in the now and being stuck with nothing but stress and debt?

If you know where all the good people have gone who aren’t rat race maniacs, please point me in that direction. I’m getting off this hamster wheel but I watch my friend and others run on it like a non-stop battle till the death.

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