Server Security

  • Compile 2.6.7 Kernel w/module-init-tools

    08-07-2004Comments: (5)

    Wanted to try out the 2.6 edition kernel? Never knew how to do it? Well heres how! Includes everything from compiling the kernel to configuring your bootloader.... Read More

  • Rkhunter Installation

    27-06-2004Comments: (15)

    Rkhunter is a very useful tool that is used to check for trojans, rootkits, and other security problems.... Read More

  • Root Check

    25-08-2004Comments: (12)

    RootCheck scans the system looking for possible trojans ,scans the ports for malicious activity ,and checks for rootkits,and also the logs,permissions and more.... Read More

  • Changing APF log for TDP/UDP drops

    27-08-2004Comments: (11)

    If youre tired of seeing your /var/log/messages log file full of dropped traffic from APF firewall then we have a solution! Well create a separate log file for TCP/UDP OUTPUT and drops which will leave your mess... Read More

  • Stop PHP nobody Spammers

    07-04-2005Comments: (58)

    PHP and Apache has a history of not being able to track which users are sending out mail through the PHP mail function from the nobody user causing leaks in formmail scripts and malicious users to spam from your... Read More

  • Preventing Brute Force Attacks

    15-04-2005Comments: (12)

    Blocking and preventing brute force attacks is one of the main things you want to do on your web server to add a layer of security. While someone might not be targeting your site or server specifically, they wil... Read More

  • First steps in securing your website and server

    13-09-2005Comments: (0)

    First steps in securing your website and server... Read More

  • 10 Steps to Securing your Server

    04-02-2006Comments: (0)

    10 Steps to Securing your Server is an easy to follow guide that everyone should use to secure the basics of a web server. Follow this guide to prevent your server from getting hacked.... Read More

  • Securing PHP

    08-03-2006Comments: (2)

    A lot of sites talk about securing PHP but just refer to different compiling options. I don't care about those, I want to secure php.ini itself so you don't have to recompile PHP to help make it more secure.... Read More

  • Close Open DNS Servers

    16-03-2006Comments: (20)

    For those of you who check your nameservers and other DNS related issues using the popular site dnsreport you're probbaly seeing Fail Open DNS Servers. We'll show you have to fixed named to close open dns server... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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