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  • Stop Spam At The Server with Exim RBL

    21-09-2004Comments: (28)

    Are you and your clients tired of getting bombarded with spam email? Stop spam before it gets to your inbox with Exim's RBL,realtime blackhole list, configuration options, an invaluable tool for any Cpanel admin... Read More

  • cPanel Tutorial Guide

    15-03-2005Comments: (11)

    cPanel tutorial is around 100 pages in length, and is organized the same way cPanel it. It contains very useful information on cPanel, sub parts, including screen shots, referrals, and much more.... Read More

  • mod_auth_mysql Apache with cPanel

    23-03-2005Comments: (7)

    mod_auth_mysql is an Apache module that allows authentication using user and group data stored in MySQL databases. We'll guide you through installing modauthmysql on Apache with Cpanel/WHM.... Read More

  • Transfer Error md5sum

    08-08-2005Comments: (1)

    The remote server didn't report a correct md5sum of the archive. Please ensure you selected the correct type of remote server. Learn how to fix this issue.... Read More

  • Clean up Exim msglog Logging /var/spool/exim_incoming/msglog

    22-12-2005Comments: (1)

    Exim has a dirty habbit of storing useless logs and not cleaning after itself that can eat up all your disk space on /var if not taken care of. Exim msglog is the cuplrit and we have a solution for you.... Read More

  • Changing Your Sites MX Record

    12-10-2005Comments: (8)

    Change the MX record of your website HOWTO is an easy guide for modifying your MX record to direct mail from one mail server to another for Cpanel users.... Read More

  • Limit IP downloads in Apache – Save Bandwidth

    04-11-2005Comments: (16)

    Limit the amount of downloads at the same time from and IP address - what a great idea to save yourself some bandwidth costs. It seems that no one is using it, we tried it and love it using mod_limitipconn.c... Read More

  • External Mail Cleaning Services

    08-11-2005Comments: (0)

    Using a third party mail cleaning service.... Read More

  • Upgrading MySQL 4.0 to 4.1 in Cpanel

    08-12-2005Comments: (2)

    MySQL 4.1 has been available for quite some time but many server admins still haven’t gotten around to getting their MySQL 4.0 upgraded to 4.1 We offer a quick and easy method to get this accomplished thr... Read More

  • Stop Receiving Spam with Cpanel

    20-12-2005Comments: (3)

    There are few simple steps you can follow to minimize the amount of spam you receive to your inbox with Cpanel. We cover email filtering, spamassasin, default address and more tools.... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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