Techs Running out of Steam after 0 day exploit Published: Sep 25, 2006
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Techs like myself are starting to feel the burn after a non stop Friday and has stretched all the way until Monday. I know I’ve got about 5 hours sleep each day and am completely burnt. When someone asks me simple questions I have a hard time focusing……. i ….am soooo,,,… t..ri..ed…. =(

So folks, don’t be so quick to jump on staff for not answering your
tickets in the first 3 minutes we get them. I feel bad for any hosting
companies affected with the recent 0 day exploit and all the strain on
server updates which seemingly break things. Give the tech guys a break,
they’re doing their best for you.

Cpanel managed to release 3 versions of their patch so far, all in a 3
day period lol. I wonder if we’ll have 7 at the weeks end?

Keep some energy drinks on stand by at all times!


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