Some Changes and News Published: Jul 12, 2006
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If you haven’t noticed I’ve changed the Forum Topics and Hosting Blog sections on the frontpage of WebHostGear to include the latest posts.

The blog now also tells you how long ago the posts were made so you can easily see the latest ones and it gives me more incentive to write more! I can’t link to other articles though this blog thing yet because the editor is screwed up so the formatting might change a bit for the next news post once I get that fixed up!

Nobody Check
Plans are underway for Nobody Check to include support for Plesk and DirectAdmin amoung a few other changes for version 1.0.3 and should be released early next week. I’m happy with the feedback received from the script but could always use more. The tool has been mentioned in a few big sites like WHT, HostingTech, TheWhir and Ping Zine to name a few.

That’s it for now, I’m working on a few upcoming interviews with some big companies like Ping Zine, ControlScan, and possibly Relio so look for that soon!

EDIT: I fixed the WYSIWYG editor in the blog, it was a mod_rewrite rule that kept giving error pages for anything that loaded. w00t!

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