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  • Ticket Support Systems

    18-03-2006Comments: (0)

    After using PerlDesk, Kayako eSupport and Cerebus helpdesk systems I’m really suprised that these aren’t better polished products.... Read More

  • New Life in Someones Old Garbage

    07-04-2006Comments: (0)

    I took my dog Jax out for a walk tonight and on the way back I came across a Compaq DeskPro PC sitting beside the garbage bin.... Read More

  • sshd Authentication Failures LogWatch

    07-04-2006Comments: (0)

    For anyone using LogWatch and is worried about sshd Authentication Failures then you need to understand that there are thousands of robots and scripts that will scan random IPs for easy login access to servers. ... Read More

  • Exim Unrouteable address

    04-04-2006Comments: (0)

    If you’re having trouble with your mail server delivering mail (Unrouteable address) then make sure the domain is resolving. ... Read More

  • Site Updates and News

    30-10-2006Comments: (0)

    I’ve updated the site today, fixing a few small things. Mainly the reason was due to a huge amount of comment spam that we’ve been receiving. Check this out:... Read More

  • Farewell HostGator

    24-10-2006Comments: (0)

    I’ll be working on WebHostGear more frequently these days now. I recently left my position with HostGator after being their Tech. Support Manager for over a year. It was a good company to work with and I... Read More

  • Techs Running out of Steam after 0 day exploit

    25-09-2006Comments: (0)

    Techs like myself are starting to feel the burn after a non stop Friday and has stretched all the way until Monday. I know I’ve got about 5 hours sleep each day and am completely burnt. When someone asks ... Read More

  • West coast to East coast move

    06-08-2006Comments: (0)

    Moving just about sucks. Unfortunately we need to move again. West coast living expenses are pretty high out here in B.C.... Read More

  • Sysadminday is today!

    26-07-2006Comments: (0)

    Celebrate Sysadmin Day! ... Read More

  • Nobody Check 1.03 in development

    25-07-2006Comments: (0)

    Nobody Check 1.03 is almost ready and supports some cool new features like improved logging, the ability to kill detected processes, DirectAdmin support and Plesk support!... Read More is a hosting directory, not a web host.

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