Rent an office or work from home? Published: Mar 30, 2004
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First steps in securing your website and server

On the server side
- secure the /tmp /dev/shm and /usr/tmp folders as hackers upload expliots to these directories
- install logwatch
- run a rookit scanner often such as chkrootkit and rkhunter
- install a firewal such as apf firewall and bfd to prevent brute force logins
- setup mod_security to filter out certain types of scripts and input from malicious users.

On the website side
- be extremely cautions with any scripts that allow uploads, limit them by extention and limit access to only certain users
- For contact pages such as formmail, enable referral checking, ip based blocks and image verification in your code.
- Update any general products such as PHPBB, OsCommerce and others often. Check their websites for patches or security bulletins.

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  • Gravatar - Jani Hyytiäinen
    Jani Hyytiäinen 02:54, April 13, 2004
    Yeah and even if you didn't have that small company, you can still work from home. One good example is mySQL's Monty Widenius, technical manager and one of the founders of mySQL. Monty, who was recently chosen as the software enterpreneur of the year in finland, works from home.

    Here's a quote from

    "MySQL has expanded greatly, even in the past few weeks. Though the home office is in Sweden, most developers work from home. In one sense, Axmark joked, they could claim that they have around 70 offices. The core development team has tripled, from around 9 developers to nearly 30 now. Additionally, MySQL now employs three full-time documenters, including Paul DuBois."

    So why not you?

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