Fix Cpanel Quotas Published: Mar 30, 2004
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After using PerlDesk, Kayako eSupport and Cerebus helpdesk systems I’m really suprised that these aren’t better polished products.

claims to have a padlock that goes onto tickets that other staff are
viewing, however it never works. It also strips out users pasted in
messages and anything with a > is removed from the ticket view
completely, you have to edit the ticket and view the headers to see the
actual message and sometimes this doesn’t work.

How can companies claim to offer professional grade support systems that
actually remove the contents a user puts in? I’m really suprised by the
lack of a good web based ticket system. If anyone finds one that is
meant for an actual company with more than 3 people please let me know.

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Comments (2)

  • Gravatar - Vivek
    Vivek 17:48, March 5, 2006
    It doenst resolve my issue, i have tried fixquotas, initquota, upcp, fixcommonproblems scripts, also enable the option in whm->tweak setttings -> Disable Disk Quota display caching<br />
    any other idea ? How to clear the cpanel cache from ssh ?
  • Gravatar - Ryan
    Ryan 12:44, May 20, 2007
    The advanced fix was really helpful. I have a mounted drive where for some reason the files were owned by the wrong users...luckily its mostly old backups on that drive that can be removed.

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