Setting up Reseller Private Nameservers Published: Mar 12, 2004
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Any further sub-domain service for customers would need a license, purchased through Ideaflood, The Web Hosting Industry Review reports.

The US patent office has awarded Ideaflood a patent for managing sub-domain names.

In double quick-time, Ideaflood, which describes itself as an intellectual property (IP) holding company, has started sending letters to hosting providers in the US. It explained that any further sub-domain service for customers would need a license, purchased through Ideaflood, The Web Hosting Industry Review reports.

The requirements for a patent to be awarded are less stringent in the US than in Europe, but novelty is among them. So what is new in Ideaflood's patent?. The comments of one alarmed recipient of one of Ideaflood’s letters are reported on WHIR: “Isn't this general knowledge? How can it be patented?"

John McKenzie, an IP law specialist at UK technology law firm Masons argues that this patent is symptomatic of a very relaxed patent checking process in the US.

“Novelty is certainly an issue in this case: there is plenty of prior art,” he says. “The US system is storing up problems for the future. The patent office has a certain responsibility to check applications, but it is passing this responsibility on to the consumer.”

He said the attitude appears to be that checking the novelty of an application doesn’t matter, because if there is priot art, someone will find it and challenge the patent. But this breaks down when patent holders start chasing small businesses for license fees: the costs of contesting a patent can be enormous.

McKenzie advises companies which receive a letter asking for license fees that they should "absolutely respond to them, and ask for a clear explanation of the precise nature of the alleged infringement. If this patent does cover something new, the holder still has to demonstrate how the management of sub-domain names infringes on its IP.” ®

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Comments (5)

  • Gravatar - Sam
    Sam 06:57, April 26, 2004
    This is not a complete tutorial, and following the above processes does not make reseller nameservers work. You have not included all steps needed in order for them to work.
  • Gravatar - Steve
    Steve 19:01, April 26, 2004
    Sam follow the related article link to Setting up Private Nameservers in Cpanel. This isn't mean to be a complete nameserver setup guide, just what you need for a reseller.
  • Gravatar - Brett
    Brett 11:51, May 30, 2004
    Not much help, this is pretty obvious. Problem I am having is WHM won't let you setup nameservers on one server when they are already being used on another server - so how the heck can you transfer a reseller client from one server to another when WHM won't let you assign an IP?
  • Gravatar - mohdjumah
    mohdjumah 21:33, July 31, 2004
    Its good but pls make another one which tell us how to setup a complete a reseller account A-Z. Thanks.
  • Gravatar - LJ
    LJ 20:06, December 30, 2004
    ok with custom name server the only way you can get thim is through ur hosting company

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