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Enterhost (http://www.enterhost.com), a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of Windows-only Web hosting, announced today it has renewed its partnership with SmarterTools (http://www.smartertools.com) to provide business communication sof

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (October 10, 2007) -- Enterhost (http://www.enterhost.com), a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of Windows-only Web hosting, announced today it has renewed its partnership with SmarterTools (http://www.smartertools.com) to provide business communication software for its dedicated server clients.

"SmarterTools has developed a solid, feature rich set of applications that are a great fit for the market space that we compete in,” said Enterhost President Kevin R. Valadez. “This is the third year we’ve committed to doing business with SmarterTools. We have seen their product evolve over the past three years and have great confidence in SmarterTools’ ability to meet our client’s mail server, Web analytics, and helpdesk tracking requirements for years to come.”

The software includes SmarterMail 4.X – an award-winning, ASP.NET AJAX-based mail server; SmarterStats 3.X -- a robust site analytics application,; and SmarterTicket 2.X – a helpdesk application designed for customer service departments.

As a result of the partnership, every client who purchases a dedicated server from Enterhost will automatically receive all three applications at no charge, and will own a 50-user permanent software license in their own name. The software package normally retails at nearly $500.

“As a partner we can provide our clients with upgraded licenses so they have a single point of contact for sales and support,” said Valadez. “Having our resources involved simplifies the upgrade process and creates another value-added service for our clients.”

SmarterMail 4.X gives users a host of antispam and antivirus measures available right out-of-the-box. Its newest features include the ability to synchronize with Smartphones, support for distributed environments and security that supports SSL/TLS connections.

SmarterTools’ SmarterStats 3.X gives users detailed Web analytics in a Web interface that includes a full complement of standard and custom reports, data mining, geographic mapping and more. The software’s newest features include customizable chart views, robust data mining capabilities and a fully translatable interface.

SmarterTicket 2.X is a full-featured ticketing system that includes email and Web ticket submission, complete history tracking, intelligent routing, audit ability and full reporting.

For more information about Enterhost, please visit http://www.enterhost.com.

For more information about SmarterTools, please visit http://www.smartertools.com.

About Enterhost
Enterhost is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the preferred provider for Adobe web developers around the world. Enterhost owns and operates a world-class data center with a fully redundant Cisco powered network. Premium shared hosting services start at $9.95/monthly and dedicated servers featuring Dell PowerEdge hardware as low as $109/monthly. More information about Enterhost can be found at http://www.enterhost.com.

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    BBC Web Hosting 16:54, December 15, 2010
    Hosting downtime is directly related to accessibility because if a site is frequently down, it can't be indexed.
    If Google sends traffic to a website that's often down, that reflects poorly on Google.
    Sites that are frequently down tend to rank lower than sites that are always up.
    Google's #1 concern is creating a quality search experience for their users.
    If the page they direct people often down, that doesn't reflect well on the search engine.
    Note that, Downtime in practice is a factor only if your Web Hosting provider is really unreliable and has less than 97~98% uptime.
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