Reseller Zoom Launches Private Label Failover Reseller Hosting Published: Nov 16, 2006
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Web host Reseller Zoom announced today it has implemented a unique private label failover reseller hosting service, designed to offer its resellers an additional level of service redundancy.

Reseller Zoom Launches Private Label Failover Reseller Hosting

HOUSTON, Texas. (November 13, 2006)—Reseller Zoom (, a provider of cPanel-based reseller web hosting services, announced today it has introduced Private Label Failover Reseller Hosting, an innovation that maximizes service uptime and adds an additional layer of data redundancy for hosting resellers.

The technology was originally developed by Reseller Zoom parent company Hosting Zoom, Inc. ( over a period of six months. It was custom designed to work with the company’s cPanel-powered servers, and was released to shared hosting customers in October.

“When we introduced failover hosting last month for Hosting Zoom, our customers were absolutely thrilled with the new service. I think it is apparent that as the hosting industry continues to grow more congested and competitive, staying innovative and practical offers a real competitive advantage,” said Kiet Duong, Hosting Zoom Founder & CEO.

Failover hosting works by distributing server load across a series of servers in a clustered environment, which improves overall server performance. Account data is also replicated in real-time across a series of servers, so if one server in the cluster fails, incoming network requests are automatically routed to an available server—thus eliminating downtime.

“The future of hosting is definitely edging toward load distribution and redundancy. Simply put, we’re in a culture that just can’t afford to face significant downtime,” said Duong. “Our answer, of course, is failover hosting, and it enhances the experience of end-users, which will in turn go a long way in furthering our resellers’ businesses.”

Reseller Zoom Failover Reseller Hosting is unique in that it is powered by fully anonymous, private label servers, and resellers can manage their entire collection of customers from one fully integrated control panel.

For more information about Reseller Zoom and Failover Reseller Hosting, please visit

About Reseller Zoom
Founded in 2004, Reseller Zoom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hosting Zoom, Inc., a privately held web hosting company based in Houston, Texas. Reseller Zoom provides business class reseller web hosting services, starting at $4.95/monthly.

About Hosting Zoom
Hosting Zoom ( enables individuals and businesses to acquire, create and safeguard their unique identities and brands on the Internet by offering domain name registration, web hosting, SSL certificates and complimentary products and services. Hosting Zoom was started in 2004 and is a privately held web hosting company based in Houston, Texas.

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