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TheWHIR bring a complete gaming and game hosting experience to the exhibit hall at HostingCon 2006, scheduled July 17 to July 19, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TheWHIR Brings Gaming Spectacle to HostingCon

TORONTO (July 11, 2006)—The Web Host Industry Review (, the Web hosting industry’s most widely read publication, announced today it has partnered with game hosting control panel developer TCAdmin (, game hosting providers The Game Monsters ( and Spawnpoint ( and game network providers Latency Kills ( to bring a complete gaming and game hosting experience to the exhibit hall at HostingCon 2006, scheduled July 17 to July 19, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The video news sponsor of the HostingCon conference, the Web Host Industry Review has jointly developed a unique exhibit experience that will enable conference attendees to engage in live online gaming on 42 inch plasma monitors, witness live demonstrations of game hosting technology, and enter to win incredible gaming prizes. With an elaborate mix of amusement and information, theWHIR’s Online Gaming Center promises to provide a complete introduction to the rapidly growing world of online gaming.

Located at booth #223 and designed to coincide with Web Host Industry Review magazine’s July game hosting issue, theWHIR’s Online Gaming Center will allow attendees to spar online with the enormously popular first person shooter games Counter-Strike, Black Hawk Down, Joint Operations, and Battlefield 2.

The Online Gaming Center will also provide attendees with live demonstrations of TCAdmin’s game hosting control panel, high performance gaming platforms with The Game Monsters and Spawnpoint, a superior gaming network in action with Latency Kills, and additional information on the Electronic Arts Provider Program.

Events Scheduled for theWHIR’s Online Gaming Center include:

* 3-5pm – Latency Kills/Spawnpoint (Gaming Demo)
* 5-7pm - TCAdmin/The Game Monsters (Control Panel/Gaming Demo)

* 11am-12:15pm - TCAdmin/The Game Monsters (Control Panel/Gaming Demo)
* 1:30pm-4:30pm – Latency Kills/Spawnpoint (Gaming Demo)
* 4:30pm-6pm - TCAdmin/The Game Monsters (Control Panel/Gaming Demo)

* 10am-12:15pm – Latency Kills/Spawnpoint (Gaming Demo)
* 1:30pm-3:30pm - TCAdmin/The Game Monsters (Control Panel/Gaming Demo)

Booth visitors will have the opportunity to enter to win prizes that include a Video iPod media player, flexible keyboards, t-shirts, online gaming credits, and more. As a grand prize, one winner will receive the Gamer’s Package prize, which includes a Zboard Gaming Keyboard, a Battlefield 2 Keyboard Overlay for the Zboard, a retail copy of the Battlefield 2 game, two expansion pack upgrades for Battlefield 2, a Logitech Gaming Mouse, a Logitech Gaming Headphone/Microphone combo, one free month-long 32-slot Battlefield 2 Ranked server rental from the Game Monsters, and one free month-long 32-slot Ventrilo server—also provided by the Game Monsters.

In addition to the events scheduled for the Online Gaming Center, the Web Host Industry Review’s director of marketing and business development, Candice Rodriguez, will present a conference session titled “Marketing your Hosting Services with Effective Search Engine Optimized Press Releases,” scheduled for 4:00-4:45pm on Tuesday, July 18. The session will educate hosting providers on how to market their hosting services through effective press release writing, optimization, and distribution. It will explore the techniques involved in crafting compelling news releases to ensure they are picked up by news organizations, as well as the techniques used to build organic search engine ranking benefits from press release distribution.

More information on theWHIR’s Online Gaming Center is available online at its HostingCon 2006 information page:

About the Web Host Industry Review
The leading publication for the web hosting industry, theWHIR offers daily web hosting news, industry insight and editorials that give readers a unique perspective of the rapidly evolving Web hosting industry. Read by both hosting consumers and industry leaders, theWHIR is available in Video, online, and print.

About HostingCon 2006
HostingCon is the definitive annual conference and tradeshow focused exclusively on the web hosting industry. HostingCon 2006 will be held July 17-19, 2006 at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Web hosting professionals from around the world will gather to learn more about their industry, network with their peers and vendors, and learn new strategies to grow their businesses. HostingCon 2006 is produced by Aurora, Illinois based technology conference producer, Interjuncture Corp.

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  • Gravatar - Rudi Ahlers
    Rudi Ahlers 01:12, July 13, 2006
    Wouldn't this cause a lot of hosting companies to loose clients, unnessecary?<br />
    <br />
    And the new company who then "wins' the client over didn't even do much to win his trust or his business. It's a bit unfair I think
  • Gravatar - server searcher
    server searcher 23:47, November 12, 2006
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