Gigenet Nears Completion on Construction of New Datacenter Published: Jun 27, 2006
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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (6/26/2006)—Internet Service Provider Gigenet, parent company of popular hosting brands ColoQuest, GigeServers (, and, announced today it is nearing completion of its new, 17,000 sq. ft

Gigenet Nears Completion on Construction of New Datacenter, Plans to Consolidate Brands

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (6/26/2006)—Internet Service Provider Gigenet, parent company of popular hosting brands ColoQuest, GigeServers (, and, announced today it is nearing completion of its new, 17,000 sq. ft. datacenter, located in Arlington Heights, Ill.

The multi-million dollar facility will feature cutting-edge environmental safety and data-protection features, including Liebert HVAC, VESDA Smoke Detection, double-action dry pipe fire suppression, diesel generator backup, and dual in-line UPS systems. To bolster physical access security, proximity card controlled access and IP video surveillance will also be installed. Additionally, the facility will be monitored by on-site technicians and security personnel around the clock.

“Our dedicated hosting and attack mitigation brands have experienced rapid growth for the past several years, and ultimately we have outgrown our old facilities,” said Derek Raines, Gigenet Vice President. “This new facility will secure our ability to both expand and provide a high level of service to our growing client base.”

Gigenet plans to relocate its corporate operations to the new facility, in addition to moving the majority of its existing customer base to the technical services portion of the building.

“With the addition of this new datacenter, Gigenet is in a better position to more directly compete with existing dedicated server providers, such as The Planet, EV1 Servers and Rackspace. We will compete primarily on service level, cost, capacity, and our ability to provide niche services, such as DDoS mitigation,” said Gigenet President Ameen Pishdadi.

Gigenet’s renowned DDoS mitigation brand, ProxyShield, has helped high-profile clients—such as Million Dollar Homepage &—defeat network-crippling denial of service attacks. The company also plans to consolidate all of its niche and hosting brands into Gigenet (, coinciding with the completion of the new datacenter in August, 2006.

“We hope to streamline our operations, so our clients can access our wide variety of Internet services from one brand,” said Raines.

For construction updates and pictures of the new datacenter facility, please visit

About Gigenet
Founded in 1997, Gigenet and its subsidiary brands serve thousands of small, medium and enterprise clients, including several Fourtune-500 corporations. Gigenet’s products and services include shared web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation. In August 2006, Gigenet will open its new, state of the art datacenter facility in Arlington Heights, Ill.

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