EV1 and The Planet Announce Merger Published: May 09, 2006
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Little Star Web Networks announced today that it has acquired cPanelDemos, and it has expanded the company’s demo hosting services to include both cPanel and Web Host Manager

Little Star Networks Acquires cPanelDemos.com, Builds Services

BELFAIR, WA (5/15/2006)—Little Star Web Networks (http://www.lswnetwork.com), a web development firm with over 6 years of experience providing solutions to web hosts and small businesses, announced today that it has acquired cPanelDemos (http://www.cpaneldemos.com), and it has expanded the company’s demo hosting services to include both cPanel and Web Host Manager.

cPanelDemos previously specialized in the hosting of live, working demonstrations of only the cPanel web hosting control panel. By offering the service, the company enabled web hosts to eliminate the significant risk of hosting their own demos on their own servers.

“The motto here is direct—web hosts should not be forced to gamble the security of their customers’ web sites by hosting demos on the same servers that they host other sites,” said Sarah Pacopac, new owner of cPanelDemos. “Our clients really appreciate what we do.”

Following the acquisition, a demo hosting service for Web Host Manager was introduced, alongside the cPanel hosting service. The move allows web hosts to provide additional demos for prospective customers.

“These are not Flash demos, these are actual hosted demos on a server that users can login to and view cPanel and WHM as it would function if they purchased their own hosting account with our clients,” said Pacopac.

Currently, cPanel and WHM demos are available in the following themes: Bluelagoon, Coolbreeze, RVSkin, Stainless Steel, Vertex, X, X2, XController, Xmail, Zabrinski Point PLUS. Additionally, web hosts may provide their own custom theme.

cPanel addons Fantastico and WHMXtra are also installed on hosted demos.

The demo hosting service starts at $5/monthly for cPanel or WHM, and $7/monthly for both. A one-time $5 setup fee also applies.

To learn more about cPanelDemos.com, please visit http://www.cpaneldemos.com.

About cPanelDemos
Founded in 2003, cPanelDemos is the leading provider of cPanel and WHM demo hosting. The service allows web hosting and reseller companies a safe alternative to hosting demos internally, which may compromise the security of other data on the server. In May 2006, cPanelDemos was acquired by Washington-based Little Star Web Networks.

About Little Star Web Networks
Founded in 2000, Little Star Web Networks is a provider of web site templates, web design, programming, webmaster services, and other related services. The company specializes in providing solutions to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and personal web sites.

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