Telephone Fraud Prevention Module for osCommerce Published: Apr 10, 2006
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VariLogix, AlgoZone Offer Telephone Fraud Prevention Module for osCommerce

VariLogix, AlgoZone Offer Telephone Fraud Prevention Module for osCommerce

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI (4/10/06) - VariLogiX (, a leading provider of real time telephony fraud prevention services, announced today that it has partnered with osCommerce template and service provider AlgoZone Inc. ( to offer an osCommerce module for its flagship product FraudCall.

The module, dubbed the FraudCall module, is available for $149.99 and offers owners of osCommerce powered web stores an opportunity to save time and money by screening incoming orders for fraud.

“In the 4 years that we have been providing add-on solutions for osCommerce, we have yet to find a solution that was truly effective for fraud prevention,” said Pavel Rojkov, AlgoZone Inc. president. “So naturally, when we decided to enter the market ourselves, we opted for a partnership with one of the most reputable and flexible providers in the industry—that is VariLogix.”

OsCommerce FraudCall Module integrates with the FraudCall service to place a telephone verification call to customers who order products from an osCommerce powered web store. Once an order is submitted, a telephone call is then placed to the phone number provided during the order process, and customers are required to enter in a special 4 digit authorization code and a verbal authorization on the telephone for the order to be approved.

“Our service is unique because it’s extremely flexible, and the developers at AlgoZone were able to fully take advantage of our robust API,” said VariLogiX President James Ryan. “I am completely confident that, just as we’ve done with the web hosting industry, we will be able to save our customers thousands of dollars that might otherwise be lost to fraud.”

Full installation, configuration and operating instructions are provided with the module, and several layers of redundancy are available to ensure no orders are incorrectly labeled fraud.

Similar modules for CRM Reloaded, ZenCart and OSCMAX will be available in the near future.

To learn more about the FraudCall module, please visit
To learn more about VariLogix and FraudCall, please visit

About VariLogiX
Based in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, VariLogix ( is a privately held IVR and anti-fraud solutions provider specializing in Fraud Prevention services. With a capacity to place over 2,400 calls an hour to over 200 countries, it has quickly become the leading provider of telephony solutions for web hosting companies. VariLogiX is partnered with SWSoft, ModernBill and WHM AutoPilot.

About FraudCall
Developed by VariLogiX, FraudCall allows e-commerce companies to place verification calls to customers via an automated system. Available in one of three packages, the system is an economical way to substantially reduce or even eliminate fraudulent orders.

About AlgoZone Inc.
Founded in 2002, AlgoZone Inc. is a provider of add-on solutions for osCommerce web stores, including templates, custom design & development and modules. The company is based in South Hackensack, New Jersey.

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