Increases Hosting Features Published: Jan 03, 2006
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    0/5 Launches Unique Backup Service

cPanelBackup Launches Unique Backup Service

BOSTON, MA (9/27/2005) - cPanelBackup,
a provider of automated backup solutions, announced today that it has
released its line of cPanel backup products, providing low cost,
reliable, and remotely hosted backups of cPanel powered websites.

The company, which is operated by Boston based InfluxHost, hopes to provide a service that can be
embraced by web hosts and individual customers. It also hopes to provide
a smooth transition for individuals switching between cPanel powered web

"People never seem to realize how important backups are until its too
late," said Greg Vanthong, President. "It's time to
change that."

cPanelBackup offers three automated backup plans, on monthly, weekly,
and daily increments. All packages include home backups, alias/filter
backups, and MySQL backups.

"It can't get any easier - we're all about simplicity and reliability,"
said Vanthong.

A backup restoration service, available for a one time fee, is also
offered. Backups are kept by the company for up to three months,
depending on the specific package.

"All clients have to do is focus on running their website - we'll worry

about keeping their data safe," said Vanthong.

About cPanelBackup
Founded in 2003, is a provider of fully automated,
reliable, remotely hosted backup solutions for cPanel powered websites.
The company is owned and operated by Boston, MA based InfluxHost.

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Comments (2)

  • Gravatar - Pugsy
    Pugsy 13:36, January 4, 2006
    Wow, 300GB diskspace and 15GB bandwidth for just $4.08, I'll deffo be using these for my websites!
  • Gravatar - Reflex
    Reflex 06:58, January 30, 2006
    They are just in the free reseller program from I don't get why this is put as a headline...all of the free reseller program plans were upgraded

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