Official Cpanel Newbie Guide Published: Oct 22, 2003
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Companies have gone to a new low to drum up business by harvesting personal information on newly registered domains from the whois database. We were victims of these new unsolicited phone calls from

Companies have gone to a new low to drum up business by harvesting personal information on newly registered domains from the whois database. We were victims of this new marketing scam from

I just checked my messages and someone phoned me from about a domain name I just registered from NameCheap. I phone them up wondering if something had happend or perhaps they would like to buy the domain and I just got it before they could register it.
So I phoned them back to hear what they were after. To my suprise they want to offer me hosting services! I was furious! It was a telemarketing scandal! is using the public whois records as their telemarketing database. They phone up new people from new domain name registrations from a whois list of new domains! When I asked the person on the phone how did you get my contact info? He's tried to avoid the question .......long pause.......... then replied, we use the public whois records!

I highly doubt that is the only company using the whois system to market products or services, even though they proudly display the ICANN logo on their website. The fact is that any company can use this database of contact information for whatever they like, including  unsolicited phone calls. This shows us that there is something very wrong in the way the whois system and domain registrations operate.

Why are these companies giving out the list of newly registered domains to third parties? Why isn't our private information being protected? Some companies now offer "private registrations" such as Godaddy which say "A private registration shields your personal information from public view; you control who reaches you and when", but of course this feature isn't included standard in your domain registration, you must pay for your domain registration and an additional $12 per year for the "private" feature. I think that the domain system should make your information private to start with, why do you need to pay extra for them to keep your personal information safe!? That's like going to buy groceries with your credit card, the clerk asks you, would you like to keep you credit card number "private" for an additional $10?

I can't beleive a company would go so low to mine the public whois records to find new clients. VeriSign recently did the same thing in a legal battle with "This dispute centers on both Verio's end use of the WHOIS data and its use of the automated search robot. While acknowledges its obligation to provide public access to its customers' contact information, it has developed "terms of use" which prohibit third parties, such as Verio, from using the contact information for any mass marketing purpose - whether by e-mail, regular mail or telephone. also argues that the use of automated software to access the WHOIS database violates its terms of use and harms its computer systems."

The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers, which essentially regulates this part of the industry through its registrar contracts, mandates that registrars must require their registrants hand over their correct contact information at time of registration.

ICANN requires this information be published, but also forbids people automatically mining data from Whois for the purposes of spamming registrants.'s Whois user agreement also forbids data mining for marketing purposes.

ICANN's rules were originally put in place in part to help intellectual property owners identify people they suspected of infringing trademarks. In 2000, so-called "cybersquatting" was a much bigger problem than it is today.

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Comments (27)

  • Gravatar - Christian
    Christian 15:49, November 4, 2003
    I think this is fantastic - thank you very much.
  • Gravatar - Mindlash
    Mindlash 07:29, November 6, 2003
    Very nice compilation.

    What would extend this great list is a similar layout for security... how one should go about securing their server to the best of their ability. Don't be afraid to get a little technical with us. :-)
  • Gravatar - Huhgo
    Huhgo 19:23, November 6, 2003
    Yes, I like this start so far... but it could use more info.

    For instance: I would love to see something more detailed on admining the LOGS.
  • Gravatar - Felxi
    Felxi 03:37, November 19, 2003
    Love all tutorials on here, learnt quite abit, think you should submit loads more!
  • Gravatar - Tony
    Tony 14:19, November 21, 2003
    I would love to see a tutorial on log administration! to compliment this.

    Another thing you might like to add is that you can login to your users cpanel - by using there username with the root password ;)

  • Gravatar - Mean Dean
    Mean Dean 06:10, December 13, 2003
    What a great tutorial. Of course, it would be even better if there were an accompanying WHM tutorial for first time users/owners of dedicated or virtual hosts (esp. as the price continues to drop on these services).
  • Gravatar - John
    John 23:50, December 13, 2003
    Very good info. It would be worth adding how to set up your nameservers when you have multiple servers.

    -- John
  • Gravatar - Ryan
    Ryan 05:26, January 9, 2004
    For most servers, I think the command to restart cPanel is "/etc/init.d/cpanel" Worked for me :)
  • Gravatar - Steve
    Steve 22:30, March 25, 2004
    helped out a lot!
  • Gravatar - conf
    conf 21:42, June 25, 2004
    It's COOL!!!
  • Gravatar - SGHost
    SGHost 08:05, September 14, 2004
    some other stuff that you might want to stop/start/restart<br />
    ==================<br />
    /etc/init.d/cpanel stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/chkservd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/httpd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/mysql stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/exim stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/named stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/antirelayd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/mdmonitor stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/portsentry stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/apf stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/syslog stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/crond stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/smartd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/rhnsd stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/ipaliases stop<br />
    /etc/init.d/iptables stop<br />
  • Gravatar - Netstronaut
    Netstronaut 03:22, January 10, 2005
    Kernel Update via WHM:<br />
    <br />
  • Gravatar - Net
    Net 00:49, May 12, 2005
    I think they should update this ? Since cPanel has been updated.. and some things are not the same anymore.
  • Gravatar - Mathole
    Mathole 15:21, June 2, 2005
    I highly appreciate the good information and articles on this site. Keep up the good work!!
  • Gravatar - Chris
    Chris 01:20, October 24, 2005
    srry..I dont know how to log on to the root type those commands...<br />
    what the crap is ssh and how do I get to where I type the commands...<br />
    help pleas.e.
  • Gravatar - Dilip Bhoromeyo
    Dilip Bhoromeyo 20:22, January 1, 2006
    This tutorial provides very excellent info for Newbies. I appreciate your endeavour through this task.
  • Gravatar - joshua
    joshua 18:23, May 7, 2006
    in-fukin-gredible!! i like that :)
  • Gravatar - tata
    tata 06:58, May 11, 2006
    i love it
  • Gravatar - mike
    mike 01:12, May 22, 2006
    Thank you so much! This explanation is what WHM itself should have included. They should pay you to rewrite the online manual.<br />
    Kind regards,<br />
  • Gravatar - Bobo
    Bobo 01:58, February 8, 2007
    great help.<br />
    <br />
    I have a question:<br />
    <br />
    Can the domain name being used for the hostname be used to host a site on CPanel?<br />
    <br />
    let me clarify. Suppose mu domain name is: ""<br />
    And suppose I used as server hostname the following: ""<br />
    <br />
    Can I, in this case, still use "" to host a site?<br />
    <br />
  • Gravatar - Roberto Medrano
    Roberto Medrano 14:33, March 10, 2007
    Excelente, me gustaria saber de los alias en los dominios<br />
    <br />
    parked how to?
  • Gravatar - ajujohnkk
    ajujohnkk 21:11, June 6, 2007
    its very helpful
  • Gravatar - Alan
    Alan 00:42, September 2, 2007
    Helps alot thank you for taking the time to help others great job!
  • Gravatar - Tyler
    Tyler 07:46, October 13, 2007
    This still did not help me. I set up site and it will not let me log in. I could not find what I was looking for.
  • Gravatar - corner
    corner 06:32, April 3, 2008
    based on older version but still decent enough intro for a newb like me so i bookmarked it thanks
  • Gravatar - Andrea Trachtenberg
    Andrea Trachtenberg 06:20, September 18, 2008
    i need a cpanel hosting
  • Gravatar - 08:13, July 19, 2010
    Great! nice tutorial. very helpful. thnx goes to author.

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