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Windy City Host Offers Clients Unique Reliability Tools

'Windy City' Host Offers Clients Unique Reliability Tools

CHICAGO, IL (9/26/2005) -- Windy City Web Solutions, a Chicago, IL based
telecommunications provider, announced this week that it is currently
offering its clients a unique set of tools and features, and plans to
charge for them in the future.

The tools, which the company purchased rights to distribute, include a
data backup tool that allows for scheduled backups of single accounts,
or in the case of resellers, backups of large numbers of hosting
accounts at once.

"Our current customers just can't say enough good things - they're fully
automated and work great for resellers and individual hosting clients,"
said Kenneth Fox, CEO and co-founder of the company.

Other free tools include a MySQL backup tool, a site copy tool that
allows individual clients and resellers to easily transfer their sites
between servers, and a downloadable site uptime tool.

"I think it's clear that we are confident in our service when we offer
our clients free uptime monitoring software," said Fox. "Most hosts just
don't do this."

Fox's company, which has been around since mid-2004, hopes to continue
to offer similar tools and services to its customers in the coming

"What we are offering our customers today is just the beginning," said
Fox. "We fully intend to raise the bar in the hosting industry."

About Windy City Web Solutions
Founded in June 2004, Windy City Web Solutions is the product of more than 11
years of web hosting and e-commerce experience. The company provides web
hosting, development services, domains, SSL certificates, and a variety
of custom developed applications and tools.

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