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(WEB HOST GEAR) Saturday, March 19, CDGcommerce announced the launch of its free Fraud Defender service to help customers in the battle towards fraudulent orders.

(WEB HOST GEAR) Saturday, March 19, CDGcommerce announced the launch of its free Fraud Defender service to  help customers in the battle towards fraudulent orders.

"This service, available exclusively ONLY to CDGcommerce merchants & resellers, provides a new and pioneering service to protect against chargebacks and losses due to fraudulent transactions.

Never before have you, as a reseller, been able to provide such a service to your merchants. Best of all, you can do so at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you or your merchants!

Unlike most fraud scrubbing services which require integration on the merchant-level and which take place during the authorization of the credit card transaction, Fraud Defender is the industry's ONLY platform-independent settlement-level solution.

Thus, regardless of the payment gateway or transaction processing method used by each merchant, Fraud Defender analyzes every single settled transaction from each and every CDG merchant.

Each transaction is scrubbed against an extensive and growing proprietary negative database. In addition, sophisticated risk analysis logic is utilized to pinpoint transactions that pose a potentially imminent chargeback risk to merchants.

Thus, by alerting merchants within a 24-48 hour period of time to potentially risky transactions, CDG merchants will be able to respond rapidly to avoid chargebacks and take action before a chargeback event takes place.

At this time, CDGcommerce is providing Fraud Defender absolutely FREE to all of its current merchants as well as new merchants who sign up to utilize CDGcommerce merchant account services.

This means that you can now promote this new feature as a UNIQUE VALUE-ADDED BENEFIT for a merchant to sign up through you for a CDGcommerce merchant account. This service addresses one of the top concerns that Internet merchants have and provides them with an unprecedented value at no additional cost.

In addition, this service can be combined with other best of class solutions such as our FraudGate strategic partnership and promotion for automated phone verifications and our proprietary CDGcommerce Chargeback Defender early warning & rebuttal system."

About CDG Commerce
CDGcommerce was founded in 1998 with the goal of being a very different kind of merchant
services company - a business that truly focused on providing a professional, consultative and merchant-centric payment processing service.


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