Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Released Published: Apr 05, 2005
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If you haven't already heard, Microsoft has released Server Pack 1 for its Windows 2003 Server line. The updated includes new security features and a built in firewall.

April 5, 2005 (WEB HOST GEAR) - Microsoft has recently announced the new release of Server Pack 1 (SP1) for their Microsoft Windows Server 2003 product line.

"Microsoft has wrapped up development on the first major update to its Windows Server 2003 operating system and released it for download, The company said that Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 is currently available for download via Microsoft's site and will soon start showing up on new servers. Among the primary benefits of the free update is the inclusion of security enhancements similar to those added to Windows XP with last year's Service Pack 2. has more details and commentary."

The benefits to the new update include a added security, wireless tools and performance improvements along with some changes to IE.

"Windows 2003 SP1 includes the new Security Configuration Wizard (SCW), a graphical tool that walks you through the server configuration process. The tool uses Windows 2003's roles-based infrastructure to examine the ports and services that must be enabled for a server to fulfill its intended roles. The SCW turns off unneeded services and closes unneeded ports. Because the wizard uses XML-based security templates, you can easily create new templates related to specific needs or export templates to replicate a particular setup across a wide range of machines.

Windows 2003 SPI also includes a new Wireless Network Setup Wizard that helps administrators configure secure wireless networks. Like its XP SP2–based counterpart, the Wireless Network Setup Wizard in Windows 2003 can copy configuration settings to USB flash drives or other removable media, then use the information to configure other servers. (Malicious users can also use this data to compromise your wireless network, if you're not careful.)

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