Drag drop site creator bundles addons Published: Apr 01, 2005
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Drag drop online site creator, Blogs, Photo galleries, RSS feed aggregators and an ad banner manager can now be included and used for free within any website created with Drag drop site creator.

Drag drop site creator now includes free add-ons: Blogs, Photo galleries and RSS feed aggregators

April 1, 2005 - (WEB HOST GEAR) - SQLFusion, LLC announced the release of new application packages for Drag drop online site creator ( http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com ). Blogs, Photo galleries, RSS feed aggregators and an ad banner manager can now be included and used for free within any website created with Drag drop site creator. No programming knowledge is needed to do so. “These free addons demonstrate the fantastic flexibility offered by our software” says SQLFusion CEO, Philippe Lewicki. He adds that “Hosting companies may package any PHP script. Their customers can then add the script to any website created with Drag drop site creator with only a few mouse clicks. Hosting companies can now offer their customers a clearly superior, customizable, feature-rich product not available from competitors.”

With the growing site creator adoption by hosting companies and ISPs, SQLFusion has decided to stress how Drag drop site creator helps hosting companies distinguish what they offer from other hosting services. Those companies can now offer a unique service with many attractive features, such as free webblog creation, custom e-commerce solutions and free photo galleries.

The innovative drag and drop interface in SQLFusion's lead product makes it simple for anybody to build a custom, dynamic and professional website. Unlike other web-based website builders, SQLFusion provides complete freedom of creation. “Many online site builders on the market offer pre-generated, disposable websites to hosting customers. This goes against building long-term customer satisfaction. Drag drop site creator is the answer. It is the first in a new generation of online website builders. A small business owner can start with a 5 pages basic website. Over years this owner and her staff can grow it into a 100 pages website with full e-commerce and database capabilities thanks to Drag drop site creator. She can create as many pages as she wants, adding advanced features and applications as necessary. Your imagination is the only limit with our website builder. This is a powerful added value to any web hosting offer” says SQLFusion marketing director, Michael Frappier.

Drag drop site creator benefits:

* Ready for integration: 5 minute setup for hosting resellers and the option for web hosts to run the site builder on their server.
* The simplest web interface: Truly drag and drop. You simply click to add pictures, text, or flash animations and drag with the mouse to place anything exactly where you want it to be on the web page.
* Professional Support: SQLFusion's 6 year expertise in open source support consulting for Fortune 500 companies ensures the ready availability of professional, expert-level support for its customers.
* Open Architecture: Several photo galleries, Blogs, RSS feed aggregators, Content administration systems and ad-banner managers are now available. Any PHP script, once packaged by a web host, may be added to a web site by non-technical users in just a few mouse clicks.
* Advanced Designs and Features: Dozens of templates included. Hosting companies can easily offer customized templates.

Drag drop site creator is available as a hosted version starting at $15 and as a downloadable version starting at $99. See www.dragdropsitecreator.com <http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com/> for more information.

About SQLFusion

SQLFusion, LLC < http://www.sqlfusion.com > is a U.S. company based in Lawndale, in Southern California. Its founder, Philippe Lewicki, developed the first online database Form Manager in 1999. Fueled by this early success in creating web applications, SQLFusion has developed an advanced online web authoring tool with Drag Drop Sitecreator as its leading product.


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