ServerBeach Forums Hacked Published: Mar 18, 2005
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A few minutes ago we received an email from ServerBeach forums user with some very nasty things to say, we contacted ServerBeach about this and they have since taken down their forums to fix the issue.

WHG - We have just received an email from the Server Beach forums ( with profanity which is believed to have been sent to all their registered users on the forums.

I received an email with this suject from

"f**** usa and israel"

Message Body:

"this forum hacked by arab hacker
f****er off
arab hacker coming"

After receiving the email we quickly checked the Server Beach forums to see what was up. As it turns out their forums were hacked and the main forums page was defaced.

I then immediately contacted their customer support department but they already know about the situation and have since taken the forum offline. Server Beach uses a popular forum developed by vBulletin. It is unclear what version they were using at the time of the attack but many older versions have security issues which have since been patched.

Here is a screenshot of the defacement of their forums.

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