Howto: Install PHP on Windows 2003 Web Edition Published: Mar 17, 2005
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There are so many great things that make open source wonderful. Far to many to list here but there are some things that I think shouldn’t be open source. Whenever you rely on a shopping cart that’s completely open source I think you’re putting yourself at a far greater risk than if you were to purchase one from a stable, reputable organization that maintains their software.

I’ve come to find numerous holes in products such as OsCommerce and
Agora Cart that have frankly scared the hell out of me with information
leaks that are unacceptable. I won’t go into detail about some of the
issues with these for users who are prone to these type of attacks but
I’d suggest changing your software.

Any largely popular script instantly becomes a popular target with
publicity as well. Things like phpBB, Calendar and other easy PHP
scripts have had their share of security problems. I’m glad that some of
these companies take these kind of holes seriously but the problem is
that users never update their software anyways. I guess sometimes users
would rather the risk of being hacked than the almost for sure risk of a
broken upgrade.

I guess everyone needs a few lessons in security, prorammers, store
owners and customers a like.

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  • Gravatar - Luis Villarino
    Luis Villarino 19:29, June 22, 2005
    Very Goog
  • Gravatar - Doug
    Doug 12:59, October 3, 2006
    good concise article for a crap user interface (iis)
  • Gravatar - alex
    alex 03:00, October 11, 2006
    KISS. wasted a day before this finally worked!
  • Gravatar - DM
    DM 11:31, February 27, 2007
    Nice tutorial
  • Gravatar - lboni
    lboni 12:50, April 6, 2007
    useful and coincise article... thanks!
  • Gravatar - Gezae
    Gezae 17:20, May 4, 2007
    well come to new world
  • Gravatar - Ajose
    Ajose 12:14, October 10, 2007
    Pls kindly send me info on latest technological devices
  • Gravatar - Diego
    Diego 12:32, January 2, 2009
    Very practical, useful and simple article....thanks and happy new year!..
  • Gravatar - izno
    izno 13:31, April 20, 2010
    the folder "php" have no dlls inside. so i don't know witch files i need to copy to the system32 folder. :(

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