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ModernBill, a web hosting billing and client management system, today announced by newsletter that their long awaited 4.2 is now stable and ready for download and has now stopped helping users in their fourms.

ModernBill, a web hosting billing and client management system, today announced by newsletter that their long awaited 4.2 is now stable and ready for download.

"We are pleased to bring you this Newsletter to keep you abreast of the ongoing changes to improve the Products, Services, and Support that ModernGigabyte, LLC offers. Please read these important announcements.

Version 4.2 is production ready

Many of you have been waiting with baited breath for our latest release. As always, ModernBill is in a high state of development and we have many new features still in planning. If your favorite suggestion or module was not implemented, please keep the comments coming as our development is based on your suggestions. The latest download is still listed in the beta area download but will be declared stabile with the distribution of the release notes.

What to look for in Version 4.2:
Support for Register.com (Get your free reseller account at SSLFactory.com)
Support for SSLFactory (See the separate item below. Hot!!)
Support for FreeRadius
Support for Subscription products and websites
Support for Plesk 7 for Windows, Linux and Expand
Support for Bandwidth Overages in Plesk, Ensim, cPanel, and DirectAdmin
Support for Package Upgrades in Plesk, Ensim, cPanel, and DirectAdmin
Support for Ensim add-ons
Support for Bandwidth, Disk Space and IP allocation add-ons in Plesk
Support for Varilogix FraudCall
Support for Idevtech Affiliate program
Easier Configuration with a reorganized system configuration area.
Improved email control through email caching
Improved performance of 50-800% through initial ADODB implementation
Improved localization possibilities through UTF-8 support implementation
Much, Much, More …

Important change to the ModernBill Member Forums …. Please read carefully.

As we stated above, the current ModernBill Member Forums will become the new ModernBill Community Forums and will no longer be moderated by ModernBill Support Technicians.

This important change will allow our Support Technicians to dedicate their resources to providing higher quality and more timely resolutions to all Priority Help Desk tickets for our Members. They will also begin data mining the over 100,000 posts in the Community Forums to populate the new Trouble Shooting & Knowledge Base systems on a daily basis! In addition to these changes, we are planning to hire several more support technicians by the end of the year!

We fully expect the daily traffic in the Community Forums to almost double once they are available to the public! We are looking for several key ModernBill clients to play an important roll as Moderators in the new Community Forums. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to support-manager@modernbill.com telling us why you would make a good Moderator and include your forums username and forum topics you are interested in moderating.

We are extremely excited about these upcoming changes as we strive to improve our services to meet your needs. "

More information at www.modernbill.com

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