SWsofts HSPcomplete 3 Now Available for Hosting Providers Published: Sep 24, 2004
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Out of the Box Full Business Life Cycle Hosting Automation Solution Empowers Providers and Resellers with Automated Provisioning, Billing, Management Functionality and More

21 September, 2004 - Out of the Box Full Business Life Cycle Hosting Automation Solution Empowers Providers and Resellers with Automated Provisioning, Billing, Management Functionality and More

Herndon, VA— September 21, 2004 – Today, SWsoft, the established leader in hosting automation and server virtualization software, announced the public availability of HSPcomplete 3.0. Hosting service providers can now use HSPcomplete to run all aspects of their hosting business with fully integrated billing, provisioning, e-commerce, marketing, trouble ticketing and the complete management of shared, dedicated and VPS hosting accounts.

"HSPcomplete is the ideal solution for a wide range of hosting providers,” said Kurt Daniel, director of marketing, SWsoft. “Having a fully integrated cost effective solution that can help attract, support, upsell and retain customers is a critical requirement in the rapidly changing hosting market."

“The features, ease of use and ROI from HSPcomplete will establish it as the must have product in the hosting business.” said Cameron Jones, the President of www.Spry.com. He noted that his company views HSPcomplete as being a major building block in its success. “The integration of Plesk and Virtuozzo now enable us to offer and manage flexible hosting plans that are critical for the needs of our customers. We just launched several industry leading VPS Partner and Reseller initiatives that HSPcomplete helped make possible.”

Ready from Day One — ‘Out of the Box’ Full Business Life Cycle Hosting Automation Solution
HSPcomplete is the only pre-integrated and scalable solution that automates all aspects of the business lifecycle of a hosting service provider. HSPcomplete significantly reduces the cost of operating a hosting business while enabling faster growth and increased revenues.

Building on its already robust capabilities of supporting multiple payment gateways, domain registers and broad international language support, HSPcomplete 3.0 delivers many important new features, including:

Plesk Shared Hosting - Create hosting plans for selling Plesk domains and servers, accept orders and provision domains to Plesk servers, and bill for Plesk-based hosting plans including resource usage billing.
New Interface - Offer new skins, including three Windows XP skins (blue, olive and silver) and three Classic skins (blue, red and green).
Reseller Enhancements - Create unique hosting plans, customize all pricing aspects, leverage rebranding, and provide other capabilities identical to a provider.
Virtuozzo Name-based Hosting - Enable name-based hosting and sell Name-based VPSs (VPS without dedicated public IP address).
Event Manager - Make account creation, provisioning, renewal and other processes easier with flexible configuration and execution of custom scripts on events.
Availability and Trial Download Site
HSPcomplete 3.0 is now available to purchase. For the first time, customers can download a trial version of the software at www.sw-soft.com.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is the recognized leader in automation and server virtualization software for hosting service companies, communications providers, and enterprises. The company powers more than 60,000 servers for customers in over 100 countries. SWsoft's products deliver industry-leading performance, stability and manageability for its customers to increase utilization of their limited IT resources. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices around the world; SWsoft is a privately held, profitable company, offering comprehensive solutions including: Plesk, Virtuozzo, PEM, HSPcomplete, and Confixx. For more information about SWsoft, visit www.sw-soft.com.

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