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Netasis.com produces Flash based movies for use on web sites. The product offerings include TalkingFAQ, HostIntro movies and logo branded Flash 404 error pages.

(Toronto, Canada - September 15, 2004) - Netasis.com produces Flash based movies for use on web sites. The product offerings include TalkingFAQ, HostIntro movies and logo branded Flash 404 error pages.

The Internet is evolving exponentially year after year in breadth as well as depth. More and more, site visitors are demanding more creative and sophisticated design, structure and functionality elements to keep their interest. At the same time, the surfing experience must still remain effortless and accommodating. As a result, webmasters and site owners are constantly challenged with coming up with new ideas. This is where Netasis.com comes in. Netasis produces high quality Flash presentations. These can be as simple as a movie playing in a 404 error page or as elaborate as a custom built pre-sales movie.

TalkingFAQ is just that - a talking FAQ page. A site owner can now turn a dry text-based FAQ page into a dynamic experience. When visitors click on a question, they will see the answer in a Flash movie. An onscreen talent will provide the answer in a movie complete with a virtual set background. Each movie is branded with the site's logo. Netasis has developed a slick proprietary Flash based GUI in which to display all the Q & A.

A HostIntro is a Flash based pre-sales movie. HostIntro caters primarily to the web hosting industry. Web hosts can now choose the pre-made individual film clips they wish to include in the movie that best describe the actual products and services that they offer on their hosting sites. These include clips on hosting plans and features, domain registration, customer support and more. Netasis then creates a sales movie complete with a music clip in the opening and closing scenes, bottom-third titling and logo branding throughout. Netasis will also create custom movies if the customer's requirements extend beyond the pre-made HostIntro offering.

The last item in the current Netasis product line is the 404maker. This is an affordable, unique 404 error page that will capture the visitor's attention. After the movie clip plays, the visitor will be automatically redirected to a specific page on the site. And as with all Netasis products, the movie will be branded with the site's logo.

"Our business thrives on attractive, user-friendly interfaces. Netasis products and services make the integration of presentation and client support, an absolute breeze, and compliment every inch of our offering. Quality products, and quality service are hard to come by in the IT sector, but Netasis oozes both of these attributes." says Simon O'Rourke of DIYHosting.com and Eirca.net. Although Netasis.com is young, it has come out of the gate with overwhelming acceptance. Already there are several projects in the works with companies like DIYHosting.com, EV1servers.net, vianetworks.com, cihost.com and sibername.com.

When ordering any Netasis product, the customer can choose from several virtual set backgrounds and onscreen talents. A variety of virtual sets are offered in order to better match the specific "look and feel" of the customer's site. Currently, Netasis has professional onscreen talent, both male and female, for movies in English, French and Spanish. New talents will be added to the talent pool shortly that will include German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. As well, Netasis also offers talents with an English or Irish accent.

Netasis.com is a new partner site to DemoDemo.com. DemoDemo is the pioneer in Flash based web hosting tutorials and has been provided thousands of web hosts with customer support movies since 2002. Both sites fall under the network of TP Marketing International. Located near Toronto, Canada, TP Marketing owns and operates a number of web properties primarily related to web hosting and webmaster resources. For further information, please contact:

Vito F. Ceniti
TP Marketing International
26 Cluster Oak Place
Brampton, Ontario
Canada L6R 1T8
Tel: 905.790.7441
Toll free: 866-811-0911
Fax: 905.791.1199
email: info@netasis.com
web: www.netasis.com

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