Change All Package Themes in Cpanel Published: Jun 25, 2004
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I’ll be working on WebHostGear more frequently these days now. I recently left my position with HostGator after being their Tech. Support Manager for over a year. It was a good company to work with and I’m glad I had the chance to. Now I’ll be spending more of my energy on my own projects and on this site! You’re probably thinking w00t! :)

There is a lot of buzz on WHT these days about the Mosso launch with their new kind of scalable hosting - check it out

Symantec has a fancy ThreatCon bar on all their pages now. I can’t seem to find out how webmasters can syndicate this on their own pages however. It looks like the US terror alert idea to me. I don’t really see how having a green or red bar will make a difference when Uncle Ned checks his Outlook mail and opens attachments….

Signing off for the night,

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