Interview with Robert Greenwood of Published: Jun 08, 2004
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I’ve been seeing some new breads of server attacks lately. These are much harder ones to spot.

These new types of attack grab the users from
the passwd list and find all files or folders that have write atrributes
set then inject .htaccess and other php files that essentially destroy
all users accounts on the server.

The exploit works on systems that do not have phpsuexec enabled and
users find along with a PHP.

I’ve been working on a new tool called Find Lockdown which logs all find
commands from all users except root (or any others you specify). It will
be released soon in our projects section

If you haven’t noticed we released a new tool called Nobody Check at

We also are available for professional assistance through Hire an Expert

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  • Gravatar - Brendan Diaz
    Brendan Diaz 22:06, June 8, 2004
    AexiManagement is great, I have used them now several times to run advanced security audits on my servers, and also to do some highly customized work for me. Excellent service, excellent support and always a job well done. I will be using AexiManagement again in the future, and thank them for all of their help.
  • Gravatar - HemWerseler
    HemWerseler 09:52, May 27, 2011
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