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Pico is a simple, display-oriented text editor based on the Pine message system composer. A must have tool for every admin.

Pico is a simple, display-oriented text editor based on the Pine message system composer. As with Pine, commands are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and context-sensitive help is provided. As characters are typed they are immediately inserted into the text.
Editing commands are entered using control-key combinations. As a work-around for communications programs that swallow certain control characters, you can emulate a control key by pressing ESCAPE twice, followed by the desired control character, e.g. "ESC ESC c" would be equivalent to entering a ctrl-c. The editor has five basic features: paragraph justification, searching, block cut/paste, a spelling checker, and a file browser.

Installing Pico

Login to SSH as root.

Sometimes, direct root login is disabled. If it is disabled do the following:

# su -
# password: [Enter your WHM root pass]
# [Hostname]: [Ready to work ]

To Download ports:
# /stand/sysinstall
- Go to Configure (post install)
- Go to Distributions
- Select 'ports'
- Select 'ok'
From there select FTP transfer (ftp.freebsd.org is ok) and it should download the ports into /usr/ports. When it's done, just exist sysinstall and run the commands I stated earlier.

It'll take a while to download.

after its finished downloading, do this:

# cd /usr/ports/editors/pico
# make install

This will install Pico for you, then you are finished!

Pico Commands

Causes pico to be started with the cursor located n lines into the file. (Note: no space between "+" sign and number)
Display all files including those beginning with a period (.).
Enable the option to Replace text matches found using the "Where is" command.
Rebind the "delete" key so the character the cursor is on is rubbed out rather than the character to its left.
Enable file name completion.
Use function keys for commands. This option supported only in conjunction with UW Enhanced NCSA telnet.
List valid command line options.
Enable "Goto" command in the file browser. This enables the command to permit explicitly telling pilot which directory to visit.
Enable "Show Cursor" mode in file browser. Cause cursor to be positioned before the current selection rather than placed at the lower left of the display.
Causes "Cut Text" command to remove characters from the cursor position to the end of the line rather than remove the entire line.
Enable mouse functionality. This only works when pico is run from within an X Window System "xterm" window.
The -nn option enables new mail notification. The n argument is optional, and specifies how often, in seconds, your mailbox is checked for new mail. For example, -n60 causes pico to check for new mail once every minute. The default interval is 180 seconds, while the minimum allowed is 30. (Note: no space between "n" and the number)
-o  dir
Sets operating directory. Only files within this directory are accessible. Likewise, the file browser is limited to the specified directory subtree.
Sets column used to limit the "Justify" command's right margin
-s  speller
Specify an alternate program spell to use when spell checking.
Enable "tool" mode. Intended for when pico is used as the editor within other tools (e.g., Elm, Pnews). Pico will not prompt for save on exit, and will not rename the buffer during the "Write Out" command.
View the file only, disallowing any editing.
Print Pico version and exit.
Disable word wrap (thus allow editing of long lines).
Disable keymenu at the bottom of the screen.
Enable ^Z suspension of pico.
Termcap or terminfo definition for input escape sequences are used in preference to sequences defined by default. This option is only available if pico was compiled with the TERMCAP_WINS define turned on.

Written by: Ibrahim Ezzy (ibrahim.Ezzy@Searchxs.com) and allera.


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Comments (10)

  • Gravatar - Steve
    Steve 00:37, March 22, 2005
    Geat tutorial, thanks!
  • Gravatar - perdana
    perdana 16:57, April 6, 2005
    hey....who r u....<br />
    am perdana from indonesian<br />
    to the point....<br />
    am dizy for cpanel ver9x<br />
    am nedded your help...<br />
    plz send to my email...<br />
    am waiting
  • Gravatar - alec
    alec 11:10, May 3, 2006
    Fab! Many thanks, saved my arse! easy to follow, simple to do!<br />
    <br />
  • Gravatar - Patrick
    Patrick 12:40, May 16, 2006
    Whenever I put /scripts/easyapache into my ssh window, easy apache auto executes and I never get to select what option I want. What gives?<br />
    <br />
    And is there a way around this happening?<br />
    <br />
  • Gravatar - Cristian
    Cristian 09:42, July 26, 2006
    This is a good tutorial.<br />
    Easy to follow
  • Gravatar - Wade
    Wade 06:15, October 15, 2006
    if you don't see the "options" selection and it just goes into building apache, you might need to delete the /home/cpapachebuild directory and files, and you might also need to use upcp -force FIRST. <br />
    <br />
    I had this problem but did the above and it worked.
  • Gravatar - Shanx
    Shanx 06:06, June 18, 2007
    Instead of doing it in the console, it's much better to simply use the WHM interface. It shows everything that can be set or unset, and works without unpredictable results on different platforms. Look for "Upgrade Apache" on the left hand side frame menu.
  • Gravatar - Baby
    Baby 06:03, April 30, 2008
    Upgare Apache On Cpanel<br />
    hello dears,<br />
    i have a problem with me apache and the site's settings.<br />
    my apache version is very old and i want to upgrade with the<br />
    apache 2.2,but i have a little information to do that<br />
    if there is no problem please tell me how can i upgrade my apache with cpanel manager(explain step by step)<br />
    and my server's operation is linux.<br />
    another question is: when i design a php e-mail sender and i send an e-mail to<br />
    another mail in the diffrent server when i recive that and check it , it was from another server<br />
    but the user be same, for example: my e-mail : baby@server.com but i recive babay@victim.com
  • Gravatar - Mike Spears
    Mike Spears 15:15, June 8, 2008
    Great Tutorial!<br />
    Very easy to follow.
  • Gravatar - santosh
    santosh 18:07, September 15, 2009

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