Web Hosting News: Go Daddy adds SSL certificates to Reseller Program Published: Jun 04, 2004
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Expanding on the extensive product line available for resellers through Wild West Domains (WWD), SSL certificates enable resellers to market the value of online security to their customers.

The Go Daddy Group, Inc., the No. 1 registrar of new domains, announced today that they are now offering SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates to resellers through Wild West Domains, Inc., the Company’s reseller program.

Expanding on the extensive product line available for resellers through Wild West Domains (WWD), SSL certificates enable resellers to market the value of online security to their customers. SSL Certificates provide online consumers a guarantee that any sensitive information transmitted between a web browser and a web site occurs over a secure, encrypted link and is protected at the highest level.

Through WWD’s turnkey program, resellers can instantly promote and sell 128-bit encryption SSL certificates (the strongest encryption available on the market today for web server certificates) from their web sites.

“SSL certificates provide serious competitive advantages to online businesses by assuring consumers that their private and personal information is being encrypted during transmission,” states Bob Parsons, president and founder of The Go Daddy Group. “We are one of a select few Certificate Authorities in the world who own our trusted root certificate and can therefore sell web server certificates. Through WWD, our resellers now have the opportunity offer their customers the most affordable, robust security certificates available.”

Before issuing any certificate, Go Daddy’s Registration Authority performs a rigorous authentication that includes an automated application process followed-up by manual verification with corroboration through third party databases such as D & B. Since the authentication work is processed by the Registration Authority, WWD resellers can provide reassurance to their online purchasers that websites which display a SSL certificate purchased from them has been subjected to reasonable validation to determine its authenticity.

SSL certificates are processed and delivered within a matter of hours to customer’s sites. Compatible with 99 percent of the Web browsers on the market, WWD resellers can market certificates from $49.95 per year. Other companies charge as much as $895 per year for a similar product.

“Enterprises, web hosting companies, even security resellers can now increase sales by offering their online business customers a simple and cost-effective way to grow their own sales by showcasing SSL certificate, demonstrating that they care about
consumers’ information and peace of mind,” says Parsons. Go Daddy Adds SSL Certificates to Wild West Reseller Program

About The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
The Go Daddy Group of companies enables individuals and businesses to acquire, create and safeguard their unique identities and brands on the Internet. Go Daddy Group companies include flagship ICANN-accredited domain registrar GoDaddy.com;
membership-based registrar Blue Razor Domains, Inc; Wild West Domains, Inc., reseller support organization; Domains By Proxy, Inc., which provides private domain registration services; and Starfield Technologies, Inc., which serves as the Group’s
research and development arm.

About Wild West Domain, Inc.
Founded in December 2001, Wild West Domains, Inc., is an ICANN accredited registrar and all-inclusive reseller provider. As a part of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. family of companies, Wild West Domains offers an array of competitively priced products and
services to facilitate entry into the high-growth reseller market for such Internet professional as ISPs, hosting firms, Web designers and developers, Internet entrepreneurs and system integrators.

— The Go Daddy Group, Inc.—

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